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Quick and powerful

Keep the momentum. When an idea strikes, instantly capture it in an Ayoa Mind Map. Quickly arrange your thoughts as branches and then turn them into tasks, all in one efficient space.



Formatting, color
and style

Bring your ideas to life with Ayoa’s varied color palette, ideal for creating both professional and creative Mind Maps. Adjust the size, color and style of your branches so you can differentiate between different areas.

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[grid_6] Mind map templates [/grid_6] [grid_6]

Mind Map Templates

Choose from a variety of Mind Map templates to help you get started. From meeting agendas and business growth to book reviews and essay plans, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.



Export your Mind Maps

Easily export your Mind Map to a PDF (image or text document) or Word document. Print it, save it, send it to friends and colleagues (even if they don’t have an Ayoa account), or even share it on social media!

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[grid_6] Categories [/grid_6] [grid_6]


Organize your map with ease by placing categories around your branches. Highlight different areas of your Mind Map and outline similarities and correlations between themes and ideas.



Invite people to your map

Get more out of the idea generation process by inviting others to collaborate on your maps, and easily control whether participants can edit or read-only. With Public Mind Map Sharing, you can also set your map to ‘Public’ and share the link with anyone you like – even if they don’t have an Ayoa account!

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