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Learn about how Ayoa’s seamless blend of brainstorming, task management and team collaboration features can help you stay connected with your team, boost your creativity and remain productive in our ever-changing world.

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  • Boost learning engagement with Ayoa’s visual interface – it’s backed by neuroscience.
  • Everyone works differently. Prefer a linear view or something more visual? Ayoa adapts to every user.
  • All students can benefit from Ayoa’s neuro-inclusive approach.


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“Being an AT Trainer & experiencing a myriad of neurodivergent students, I watch the stress & then the wide-eyed ‘OMG’ moments when I share with them Ayoa.”

Tracey Valliere-Evans, AT Trainer


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Embark on a transformative journey with our AI-powered mind mapping app, designed to inspire educators and captivate learners in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Experience the dynamic fusion of AI and mind mapping to unlock unprecedented teaching potential and spark curiosity in every classroom.

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