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Set better goals. Use the best tools.

Want to get ahead in your studies this year? Become more focused, study more efficiently, and get better grades with Ayoa. Ayoa is designed to keep your mind on track, which means less apps, less distraction, less overwhelm .

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Set SMART study goals

Students who set SMART goals show higher success rates than those who don’t. Use Ayoa to set them .

Be more focused

Eliminate app-overwhelm and focus on your goals. Stay focused and stop switching apps.

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Get better grades

Work with your brain to get the grades you deserve, without wasting time and energy on pointless tasks.

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Create your space

Customise anything! Create a digital study space that makes you smile – it doesn’t have to be boring.


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Task Boards

Use reminders, set priority, add a due date. Create automatically repeating tasks so you can focus on what’s important.

use whiteboards to make study goals easier


Create a home base for your studying. Embed mind maps, timetables, or to-do lists. Link documents to for when needed

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Map Sharing

Work together on your revision and smash your exams. Share your ideas with others and allow them to add their own.

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Track Progress

Keep yourself on track with Ayoa’s progress bar. Check whether you are ahead of your goals, and stay flexible while studying.


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Ayoa is transforming how you study. Work with your brain, boost your grades, and become the student you were always meant to be.

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