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We believe in working creative so we’ve combined the best of Mind Mapping with visual Task Management to help teams and individuals achieve great work



“The most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen”

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The secret to great work? Creativity

Getting stuff done is great, but getting the right stuff done is essential. Being creative allows you to explore all your options, so you can take your best ideas forward. That’s why we believe you can’t be productive without being creative.

Here at OpenGenius, we consider ourselves creativity experts. And we’re on a mission to make creativity a fundamental part of any workday, project, and company. Don’t consider yourself creative? Not in a creative industry? Don’t worry; creativity can be achieved by anyone, and that’s where we can help.

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Mind Map your greatest ideas

Every great business success begins as an idea. We created Ayoa Mind Maps to give teams a space to foster, incubate and develop their best ideas. So often, the importance of founding projects on strong ideas is seen as only a nice-to-have.

Changing your thinking and introducing powerful ideation into your daily process will do incredible things for your work – ultimately, better ideas mean bigger wins.


Task management your way

You know how you work best. Ayoa’s flexible workspaces help you get more out of your day, whatever your style. With Ayoa, handling shifting priorities is a breeze. Meet your deadlines, spark new ideas and start getting things done today.

Like nothing you’ve used before, Ayoa’s multi-view take on project management makes it effortlessly adaptable. From projects at a glance to idea generation in Mind Maps, Ayoa does it all.

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Working together in Ayoa

No chit-chat, just task-focused chat

Communication is the foundation of every great team. However, effective communication comes from focused conversations.

With our instant messaging feature, Ayoa Chat, turn your conversations into tasks within a direct message, so conversations stay in context. Send direct and group messages to your team, assign tasks and view teammates’ availability – so you can discover a whole new level of accountability and task ownership.


Seamless team collaboration

Ayoa gives employees ownership over their work – and provides managers with an instant overview of team progress and an effective tool for delegation. Alongside Ayoa Chat, you can add comments directly onto tasks, so task updates and feedback never get lost.

Say goodbye to overflowing email inboxes and communication which is spread across different channels.

ayoa team collaboration


ayoa all-in-one tool

Everything you need, all-in-one

From capturing those all-important first ideas, turning them into actionable tasks, and collaborating and communicating with colleagues, Ayoa is the only tool you’ll need to manage your everyday work.

Because growing innovative ideas and solutions is easy when everyone’s on the same page.


Start achieving your goals with Ayoa

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