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July 25, 2019

Train your brain to be innovative with OpenGenius

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Lifestyle.

DropTask | Train your brain to be innovative with OpenGenius

What if I told you that creativity can be taught?

A lot of people would scoff. We see creativity as a talent, something we inherit, or a trait reserved for children. But the demand to be creative and cultivate an innovative organisation is growing exponentially.

Being disruptive is the biggest, most valuable skill a company can have. With more and more established companies being knocked off top spots by new businesses, companies need to learn how to progress or risk being left behind.

In our modern landscape, standing still is the same as going backwards.

Knowing this is one thing, another question entirely is: how can you be more innovative?

The world of creativity and innovation is often talked about in fluffy and insubstantial terms – real, practical advice is scant. That’s why OpenGenius have made it their mission to bring about real, tangible everyday innovation, that anybody can use.

While some people struggle to get their head around innovation as a concept, think of it as the fostering of these traits: energy, openness, creativity, enthusiasm, spark, transformation, movement, resilience, productivity and optimism.

In real terms, it is the practical application of creativity – and the secret to accessing untapped progress.

The creativity teacher

The good news about learning how to apply creativity, is that it can be fun and rewarding (providing you have the right teacher and qualifications).

Multiple sources have shown that anyone can be creative – they just need to find ways to foster it…

OpenGenius are currently offering two training courses:

1.Certified Mind Mapping Course

2.Certified Applied Innovation Course

Like with any subject, to receive a good education you need a good teacher, and OpenGenius courses are run by world-leading trainers with years of experience and amazing training credits. Under their guidance, you too will become a Certified Trainer on your path to building capacity, resources and a network for creativity and innovation. You will be able to run your own, paid sessions, enabling others to benefit from your world-class training.

Certified Mind Mapping

Boost your own creativity – and learn how to use this world-renowned technique for creative thinking so that you can deliver Mind Mapping training to a new, wider audience across the globe.

OpenGenius are world leaders in Mind Mapping certification, having taught 1000’s of trainers across the globe.

Plus, learn how to seamlessly deliver training using Ayoa, the world’s leading innovation tool.

Certified Applied Innovation

There are thinking errors we all fall trap to each and every day that inhibit our ability to foster innovation – learn how to overcome these and then teach others to do the same.

Putting structure behind innovative thinking is the first step to really achieving it.

As a Certified Trainer, you’ll encounter a great need for wisdom on innovation, as companies seek to progress and expand. Help them back better decisions and generate fresh ideas by teaching them how to apply our research-backed and tired and tested techniques of innovation.

Let’s spread the word…

As the modern world fills up with web-based information, AI and automated processes, people (more than ever) need creativity to set them apart from the crowd. Help yourself, and then help others by taking part in an OpenGenius course so that you can become a world-leading Certified Trainer.

Interested? We’d love to see you in September – you can find out more info on our training page. Book today to claim our 20% off Early Bird Offer before it expires at the end of July!

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