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January 10, 2020

OpenGenius Applied Innovation training course, January 2020

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | OpenGenius Applied Innovation training course, January 2020
Here at OpenGenius, we have started the New Year as we mean to go on with our first Certified Applied Innovation course of 2020. The course attracted delegates from all around the world, with teams and individuals hailing from Korea, Poland, Qatar, France and many more.

The Accredited OpenGenius Applied Innovation course is all about real, actionable processes. While innovation can become fluffy and ideological without practice, our Master Trainers asked all the attendees to bring their real-life business and work challenges to the table. This gave the delegates the chance to genuinely apply innovative best practices to their existing situations, making the knowledge they learned throughout the course both relevant and practical.

The three-day course covered a number of key innovation skills, from systemizing creativity and problem-solving, to critical-thinking techniques and Mind Mapping. As a result, our delegates left the course with a deeper understanding of how to assess their thinking to identify innovative opportunities and solve everyday business challenges with confidence.

OpenGenius Applied Innovation course

CEO and Founder of OpenGenius and Ayoa, Chris Griffiths, developed the Applied Innovation course using his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Chris is a multi-time entrepreneur and best selling author with 28 years’ experience in leading businesses in creativity and innovation. Chris opened the course by welcoming the delegates and introducing them to the course, before handing the training sessions over to experienced professional Master Trainers and speakers, Liz Oseland, Sharon Curry and Bill Lowe. With years of experience in leadership, innovation and design thinking, our talented and resourceful trainers were able to work closely with our delegates to inform them of strategies they can take away with them, whilst also working through their real-life examples and challenges on an individual level.

OpenGenius Applied Innovation course

By the end of the final day, all of our course trainees became accredited OpenGenius Licensed Instructors in Applied Innovation. This now gives them the knowledge to take the skills they learned in the course to train their own clients and colleagues in the art of innovative thinking.

After a very inspiring three days with a range of talented individuals, we wish all of our delegates the best of luck in the future and we hope to see them back at Tec Marina for another Opengenius course soon.

Interested in our OpenGenius certified training courses? Find out more about our Applied Innovation course here, where we’ll be keeping you informed of any new courses and upcoming sessions. Keep an eye out, as we’ll be introducing new training dates throughout the year, so you can turn your 2020 goals into success.

OpenGenius Applied Innovation course OpenGenius Applied Innovation course OpenGenius Applied Innovation course OpenGenius Applied Innovation course OpenGenius Applied Innovation course OpenGenius Applied Innovation course

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