Gareema Bangad

Gareema has an M.A. in International Journalism degree from Cardiff University, specialising in Multimedia Journalism led her towards content creation and social media marketing. She has previously reported for a weekly magazine in Cardiff and a national daily newspaper in India. When she’s not writing blogs or emails, Gareema is boring people talking about Formula 1, movies or documentaries.


Articles by Gareema Bangad

7 mins

Case Studies Education and Learning Video

Case study: How Ayoa Can Nurture The Future Of Education

Do you think that mind maps are only for the creatives? What do you think then would happen…

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8 mins

Ayoa Mind Mapping Students

Best Mind Mapping Examples!

Check out the best mind mapping examples whether you are a student, a professional or just want to add some creativity to your daily routine.

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4 mins

Lifestyle Mental Health Mind Mapping Quick Tips

How Mind Mapping can Help you Manage Stress in Workplace

Learn how to deal with work related stress and manage it better with Ayoa’s mind maps!

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5 mins

Lifestyle Miscellaneous

6 Ways Technology has transformed the World around us.

Read how technological advancements have transformed different aspects of our lives.

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5 mins

Case Studies Education and Learning Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping in Education: Curriculum Planning and Beyond.

Mark Williams, the Head of Physical Education at Stamford American International School in Singapore has been using mind…

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3 mins

Mind Mapping

Mind Maps vs. Concept Maps

Mind maps and Concept maps are two terms often confused with one another. Although they may appear very…

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4 mins

Ayoa Lifestyle Mind Mapping Productivity Quick Tips

Generate Fresh Ideas: Mind Mapping a New Perspective

One of the greatest limitations to creativity is our tendency to only look at the world from our…

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5 mins

Ayoa Mind Mapping Project Management

PESTLE Analysis with Mind Mapping

Majority of us are so busy typing away at our desks, analysing our company’s Twitter feed and reading…

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