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At OpenGenius, our speakers aim to motivate, inspire and get you thinking differently. Perfect for any event, our experienced and international team of speakers are able to set the tone for your brainstorming session or global event, allowing your audience to be captivated right from the very beginning.

Do you aspire to be more creative and innovative? We’ve handpicked a select few individuals from around the globe to form our team to ensure you get a tailored experience for your event. Work with world leaders in innovation and technology and gain an insight into unique tools and techniques to help enhance your creativity and innovation skills forever.

If you’re looking for a motivated group of expert individuals to help make your event memorable and get people thinking differently, then look no further than OpenGenius.


Meet our network

Speaker's Name

Chris Griffiths

Chris Griffiths has over 28 years’ experience in setting up and leading successful businesses. He is the founder of OpenGenius and is a bestselling author on creativity and innovative thinking skills. He has coached Senior Leadership Teams in the European Commission, Parliaments and Courts. Chris’ software and services have been used by over 1 million people worldwide, helping individuals and teams from around the globe to think differently and enhance their creativity and innovative thinking skills. See here for more information.

Speaker's Name

Liz Oseland

Liz Oseland is one of the world’s experts on Leadership and Innovation skills. Liz has delivered bespoke talks to team leaders and directors on how they can improve their innovation skills and get thinking differently. Liz has travelled around the globe delivering coaching sessions to schools and organisations in order to help improve their productivity. Being one of the first Global OpenGenius Genius Master Trainers, Liz is an expert in her field of coaching and training.

Speaker's Name

Sharon Curry

Sharon Curry is a Design Thinker, Innovation and Creativity expert, and a certified Life, Corporate and Executive Coach. She facilitates Leadership thinking nationally and internationally and is a former Naval Officer. With 35 years of experience and a unique USP she enables strategies for business and individual success. Sharon works with demanding clients in diverse environments. She is designing the Ayoa Coaching and Future of Work Concepts.

Speaker's Name

Bill Lowe

Bill Lowe has spent the last 15 years training people in leadership, teaching and innovation. Whilst he has written and delivered training in these areas to Master’s degree level, it’s his sharply focussed ability to link these skills to real-life work situations that is his strength. This is recognised by the publishers of his latest book on middle leadership. Bill is a lifelong student of engaging content delivery, and his aim is to help clients turn knowledge into understanding and practical application.

Speaker's Name

Daniel Lança Perdigão

Daniel studied ITC with IBM, Business management at Open University and Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Along with a 30-year career in multinational companies, as an analyst, consultant and account manager, he has developed several start-ups in his spare time. Having delivered over 10,000 hours of innovation consultancy and training for both companies and individuals, Daniel currently manages his own company UpSideUp.pt where he is qualified as a Graphic Recorder and Visual Facilitator (IFVP and IAF), Design Thinking Specialist, Certified Trainer (IEFP), Mind Maps® TLI Accredited Trainer (ThinkBuzan), NLP Master & Trainer (IANLP) and Business and Master Executive Management Coach (ECA).

Speaker's Name

Seungjun Lee

With a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management, Seungjun is an expert in IT-proposal sales and offers innovation strategy consultancy and training. Based in Korea, Seungjun teaches the essential work skills needed for the 21st-century workplace and helps futureproofs individuals, companies and public institutions. Using Ayoa, Seungjun helps companies increase their efficiency and cut their cost of work through collaboration and innovation strategy.

Speaker's Name

Sunggi Park

An Engineer based in Korea, Sunggi develops IT systems, including the building of collaborative systems. Offering consultancy services on directional presentation and improving the efficiency of his client’s existing IT systems, Sunggi is currently using Ayoa to research and design content on collaborative consultancy and strategy processes, specifically for corporate innovation.

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