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Spotlight on: iMindMap Viewer

The iMindMap Viewer came new with the recent iMindMap 6.2 update. Now you can allow friends or colleagues to view an interactive version of your map simply by clicking a link. Here is a quick crash course…

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Spotlight On: Flowcharts

iMindMap Ultimate includes a very useful Flowchart feature, but have you tried it out yet? If not, have no fear for we will walk you through it step-by-step in our Flowcharts Quick Tips video…

If there is one thing we are passionate about at ThinkBuzan, it’s giving you the freedom to be creative and capture ideas in your own way. The ability to create flowcharts adds a powerful tool to the iMindMap kit, so you have a totally flexible canvas that bends to your will.

Try it out for yourself and don’t be afraid to mix it up and create new Mind Map-Flowchart hybrids!

Sneak Peek at Export to Video

With the release of iMindMap 6.1 this Autumn, iMindMap Ultimate users will be able to create a presentation and then export it as a video for easy sharing.

We know some of you are desperate to get your hands on this new feature, so to whet your appetite we took one of our iMindMap maps, used the new slide builder to make it a Presentation and then exported it as a video.

Take a look and start thinking what you’ll do with yours…

This feature will be available with the release of iMindMap 6.1 Autumn 2012, along with many other exciting new features… Learn more

Want to try iMindMap 6 for yourself? Download Here

What’s new in iMindMap 5 – the Video

Watch the second of our brand new videos, for the experienced iMindMap user, to see Ben showcase the new iMindMap 5 software features as he uses them at home and at work, and find out why you should really think about upgrading!

What’s New in iMindMap 5?

Like the video?  Then share it with your friends and colleagues!  Keep checking in too – the full iMindMap 5 feature breakdown is coming soon…

Quick offer update…

We have some exclusive upgrade offers for our existing iMindMap users and we will be filling you in on all the details very soon!  Take a look at the iMindMap 5 page for more information.

Meet Ben – A Day in the Life of an iMindMap 5 User

Watch our brand new video to see how our creative and unflappable Ben uses iMindMap 5 throughout his day, and find out how you could incorporate it into your life.

Meet Ben – the iMindMap 5 User

Click here to view on YouTube.

Like the videos?  Then share them with your friends and colleagues!  Keep checking in too – the full iMindMap 5 feature breakdown is coming soon…

Quick offer update…

If you’re starting to think iMindMap 5 might be just what you’re looking for, remember that you can save money by buying iMindMap v4 before launch on April 6th and you will receive a free upgrade to iMindMap 5 on release plus 3 months free access to iMindMap Online – makes no sense to wait. Take a look at the iMindMap 5 page for more details.

Spotlight On: 3D View

3D View offers a completely new way of looking at your thoughts.  With easy to use navigation that lets you glide around your map from all angles, 3D view provides a totally original perspective.

If you’re trying to generate some new ideas, solve a stubborn problem or think strategically, sometimes you just have to stand back and clear your head.  3D View can give you the new angle you need to find that winning solution.

3D View is ideal for presentations and you can even get interactive and add your ideas and branches as and when they come to you.  Plus Presentation View also comes with 3D viewing options so you can wow your audiences with multi-dimensional presentations.

Our developers have created unique technology that produces these stunning organic shapes whilst remaining fast and usable.  To really appreciate what we’re talking about, we figure you need to see it for yourself.  So without further ado, we introduce 3D View…
Keep an eye out on the blog for more iMindMap 5 videos to come – including Presentation View with 3D!

Find out more about iMindMap 5.