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A Complete Overhaul: Brainstorm View

New Brainstorm View

Find out more about the latest feature reveal in iMindMap 9 and take a look at the new Outline Panel

Rapid developments in Brainstorm View* and the addition of the new Outline Panel mean iMindMap 9 offers the most advanced digital workspace we have ever launched.

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Meet the latest iMindMap version: 7.1.2

New professional style

New 7.1.2 update
You can now select a ‘Professional’ or ‘Creative’ style for your iMindMap maps. To start creating a Mind Map with the new professional style, select the ‘Professional’ option next to the central idea picker when starting a new map.
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iMindMap 6.2 out now

How to update

For current iMindMap 6 users, a pop-up will appear in the iMindMap desktop software, letting you know that this update is available. You can also click on Tools and then Updates, and follow the simple on-screen instructions to receive the 6.2 update (or Help and then Updates on a Mac).

New Features

NEW Social Sharing

With iMindMap 6.2’s new social sharing feature, you are able to share your Mind Maps as images on Twitter and Facebook at the touch of a button. It couldn’t be simpler – take a look at the video below to see it in action.

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New Features for iMindMap 6.2 – Coming Soon

It’s just around the corner…

After long hours of work and a few sleepless nights, our developers are now adding the finishing touches to iMindMap 6.2. The 6.2 update will be free to all of our users who are currently using the iMindMap 6 software. The features are all designed to make you look better, so we hope you’ll enjoy them!

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Enhancements to iMindMap for iOS devices

Our indefatigable team of developers are excited to announce 2013’s first update for iMindMap for iPhone and iPad. As well as swatting some of those bugs, we have some innovative new features…

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iMindMap 5 is on fire!

The latest release from iMindMap 5’s promised aggressive update schedule has proved a big hit amongst our iMindMap users as well as the ThinkBuzan team! Following the release of the 5.3 update, we received an astounding amount of feedback from users through our blog, Feedback Forum and even our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Comments such as “iMindMap is on fire”, “This update is a big one and well worth it” and “Clean Up is magical” have been circulating the inboxes of ThinkBuzan for the past few weeks, and we’ve been delighted by those who have taken the time to get in touch. So much so, that we’ve decided to share some of the feedback.

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Missing iMindMap V4 features? Get the lowdown on the upgrade to iMindMap 5

iMindMap 5 is a big change from all previous versions of iMindMap, and we want to clarify where you can find some of the features of iMindMap V4 and how they work in this new software. If you have upgraded from iMindMap V4 to iMindMap 5 certain features, such as Speed Mind Mapping Mode and Branch Ordering, have been improved, renamed and work in a slightly different way.

Take a look at our rundown of the main features that have changed from iMindMap V4 to iMindMap 5:

  • Speed Mind Mapping Mode

Speed Mind Mapping Mode was a popular feature in iMindMap V4 which allowed you to create Maps with your shortcut keys, ideal for getting your ideas down fast.

In iMindMap 5, we have SmartLayout instead which we promise you is far easier to use and will revolutionise the way you work!  Long gone are V4’s  Speed Mind Map Mode and Mind Map Mode.  iMindMap 5 incorporates the principles of both of these but in one space so that you can draw organically AND create a Map using your shortcut keys. This is the best of both worlds and, with the cutting edge SmartLayout technology, iMindMap 5 naturally and organically lays out your map ensuring that your branches are evenly spaced.  SmartLayout also utilises auto-layout technology to try and prevent collisions from interrupting your thinking time! Alternate between organic drawing and fast paced keyboard creation of maps to suit your task and mood.

One important change is that the shortcut keys for Mind Mapping using your keyboard (Speed Mind Mapping) have changed to a more simple and logical combination:

Enter key                               Creates a branch on the same level

Tab key                                  Creates a child branch

Arrow keys                            Use the arrow keys to navigate

*Top Tip: if you ever forget look at the pictures on the keys to help you!

To find out more about how to use SmartLayout, please check out our free video tutorial. For more detailed advice, please see iMindMap Help within your software.

  • Branch Ordering

If you have ever presented with iMindMap, you will know how important Branch Ordering is. Rather than your branches being displayed in the order you created them, you may want to change the order for your branches to display in the sequence of your choice. In iMindMap V4, you could change the order of your branches with the Branch Ordering tool. Now, in iMindMap 5, this functionality can be found under the Outline side panel.

In Outline you can drag and drop branches to the sequence you wish these to be displayed.

For more information on Branch Ordering in the Outline panel, please see our free video tutorial. If you require more detailed advice, please see iMindMap Help within your software.

  • Child Mind Maps

Many of our users have expressed that they found Child Mind Mapping useful. However, although the MultiMaps feature has now been created to allow you to work on all of your big ideas at once, you can also create the Child Mind Map functionality by using links.

To do this, simply insert links to any of your branches linking to another iMindMap 5 (.imx) file and these will then open as a Child Mind Map would, for you to edit and save.

If you would like to know more about this functionality, we have written a blog post on document management using this method. For more detailed advice, please see iMindMap Help within your software.

While we have made every effort to include as many features from iMindMap V4 in iMindMap 5, your feedback has helped us to locate a few more feature favourites to include in our next update to iMindMap 5, version 5.1. Take a look to see which features you can expect in 5.1:

  • Export Image to PDF

Want to export just the image of your Mind Map and not its text hierarchy to PDF format? The new update will allow you to do just that.

  • Floating Text Blocks & Images

Create floating text and add floating images in your workspace with the 5.1 update.

  • Visual Branch Ordering

Make branch ordering even easier by numbering your branches in visual branch ordering, available with the free 5.1 update.

  • And many more to come…

We are taking each and every one of your feature suggestions into account, and we will be addressing as many of your concerns as possible in our future free updates.

If you have any favourite features from iMindMap V4 which you do not feel have been adopted by iMindMap 5, please make your voice heard and give us your feedback. iMindMap 5 is all about improving our software by taking our users’ ideas, uses and suggestions into account – help us make iMindMap 5 the best it can be. For further advice and tips on how to use iMindMap effectively, please see our video tutorials and quick guides for guidance.