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Mind Mapping training: an insider’s look at what happens after the course

Raimon Samsó – Director of the Institute of Experts

Developing high impact and innovative training schemes as Director of the Institute of Experts, Raimon Samsó is well-versed in Mind Mapping techniques. As such, it was no surprise that Raimon set taking a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI) in Mind Mapping course as one of his goals for 2015. Having successfully completed the course and now as an accredited TLI, Raimon kindly shared his experience during the course earlier this year.

“Being there was a dream come true and it will change things in my future. A great investment.”

Across 4 days, the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course provides delegates with the opportunity to amass Mind Mapping tips and techniques celebrated globally. In addition to this, the course covers an array of versatile and creative skills. Learning from the leaders in the Mind Mapping field, the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor courses offer an unparalleled platform to learn new skills, make new contacts and have fun!
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Brand new OpenGenius Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation

Applied Innovation training from OpenGenius
OpenGenius, the company behind ThinkBuzan and DropTask, presents their Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation
Our 4 day Applied Innovation course provides hands on, interactive training in effective decision making for innovation. Learn a practical process for making clear, creative and risk-proof decisions, with the tools to apply it straight away.

Founder and CEO of OpenGenius, bestselling author and international speaker, Chris Griffiths, has helped thousands of teams and individuals with his innovation tools and strategies. Now, he brings you the OpenGenius Licensed Instructor Course in Applied Innovation to get you well on your way to applying powerful innovation techniques.
The course is accredited, which means that you will be certified to deliver your own, official OpenGenius Applied Innovation training after attending. We will send you the exclusive Applied Innovation Facilitator Pack of resources which will include everything you need to begin holding your own training courses right away. Plus, you will receive your own profile on our website to showcase your skills and experience. An OpenGenius accreditation can help you to increase your professional status, become recognised as an expert in this field and boost your income.
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ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor

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Trainer showcase: Using Mind Maps to explain key concepts

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Tarek Fahmy

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor:
Tarek Fahmy

Accredited: Dubai, 2012

Profession: Senior Manager at General Electric

ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Tarek Fahmy has more than 15 years experience in different roles within Sales, Marketing and Business Development.  Tarek is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

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Trainer Showcase: Mind Mapping for University Students

The software has changed the whole way students work and think throughout the dissertation process… They produce results which would never have been possible without iMindMap.”

Image of Paul RobertsThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor: Paul Roberts

Accredited: Cardiff, UK, 2011

Profession: Principal Fellow, International Manufacturing Centre, University of Warwick

In this guest post, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, Paul Roberts, shares his experience of delivering iMindMap workshops for postgraduate students at the University of Warwick and how iMindMap has helped his students achieve excellence in their studies.

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Many Stories, One Singapore

Singapore NDP 2013

Singapore National Day Parade is on 9th August.

Today is Singapore’s most significant national event of the year, which celebrates the occasion of the country’s independence from Malaysia in 1965.
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The Mind Mapping Connection – consulting in the technology sector

In this post, Julie Cummings-Debrot, a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor and Language Trainer at The English Connection, gives an insight into her accomplishments since becoming accredited, including how she has integrated Mind Mapping and iMindMap into her consultancy business.

Based in Paris, Julie has extensive experience as an independent trainer and has consulted with companies in various industries including tourism, finance, technology and pharmaceuticals. With a view to expanding her services as a Corporate Consultant and Language Trainer, she attended the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course in Henley, UK in January 2013.

Why become an accredited trainer?

“I had used Mind Mapping for a number of years before I discovered the TLI course which not only offered official Mind Mapping training but also iMindMap and GRASP Thinking techniques. It was an opportunity, which I was ready to take and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. The course was a natural progression for me and the ThinkBuzan accreditation gave me the credibility I needed to take my corporate training to the next level.  I am very excited about the future!”

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