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Mind Mapping training: an insider’s look at what happens after the course

Raimon Samsó – Director of the Institute of Experts

Developing high impact and innovative training schemes as Director of the Institute of Experts, Raimon Samsó is well-versed in Mind Mapping techniques. As such, it was no surprise that Raimon set taking a ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI) in Mind Mapping course as one of his goals for 2015. Having successfully completed the course and now as an accredited TLI, Raimon kindly shared his experience during the course earlier this year.

“Being there was a dream come true and it will change things in my future. A great investment.”

Across 4 days, the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor course provides delegates with the opportunity to amass Mind Mapping tips and techniques celebrated globally. In addition to this, the course covers an array of versatile and creative skills. Learning from the leaders in the Mind Mapping field, the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor courses offer an unparalleled platform to learn new skills, make new contacts and have fun!
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Spotlight on iMindMap 7 and DropTask

iMindMap 7 and DropTask have joined forces to provide users with a fresh, visual solution for capturing and managing information. The collaboration is designed with you in mind so you can manage opportunities from conception in iMindMap to completion in DropTask.

“I have been using the iMindMap with Droptask integration and it is superb. It really adds a whole new dimension to both products.”
– Chris Taylor Reed, YourAgileMind

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iMindMap 7 Chameleon: food for thought from our beta testers

With iMindMap 7 Chameleon due to be released this autumn, we have been working to make version 7 the best it can be with the help of our dedicated beta testers. They are avid iMindMap users enlisted to thoroughly explore each and every new feature. They have been reporting some very interesting feedback, so read on to find out what they think…

Branch out with Branch Art

As one of our most exciting features, Branch Art allows you to create more visually engaging Mind Maps with a range of designs that you can apply to any of your branches. Many of our beta testers have named this as their favourite feature as it makes their Mind Maps look completely unique.
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CEO Chris Griffiths speaks at Biggerplate Unplugged Conference

There has been a definite buzz surrounding the recent Biggerplate Unplugged Conference in London. Everyone who’s anyone in the Mind Mapping world was in attendance last week; bloggers, developers, practitioners. This event even provided a rare opportunity for industry leaders to come together to discuss their predictions for the future of Mind Mapping.

Biggerplate Unplugged conference in London

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Spotlight On: Export as Document & PDF

Full Flexibility with iMindMap

If you’re an iMindMap user, you’ll know just how versatile and dynamic a Mind Map can be in any professional or personal situation. However, we understand that some occasions call for your work to be delivered or presented in a more traditional, linear format.

Whether you’re using iMindMap for a brainstorming session, planning a project, writing an essay or preparing a report, iMindMap is the perfect starting point to get your thoughts and ideas into an orderly structure. iMindMap Ultimate’s flexible export options then give you the freedom to expand upon your map by exporting them to a range of options, including the ever useful and adaptable Export as Document & PDF.

Once you’ve exported your map, your new document will adopt the ordering of your original iMindMap file. Your map’s Central Idea will become the main heading of your text document, with parent branches and their descendants as subheadings, accordingly. Any Notes attached to branches will be inserted as the main body of the text – so you can write an entire document from iMindMap.

Simply follow these simple steps, or watch the video at the bottom of this post to learn how to export your iMindMap (.imx) files as Document or PDF files, compatible with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. Read More →

iMindMap 5 is here, a message from Chris Griffiths

The day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and we are thrilled to announce that iMindMap 5 is now available!

The ThinkBuzan team has worked extremely hard to rebuild iMindMap completely from the ground up, and I would like to thank them all for their commitment and dedication – I feel very lucky to work with such a great team. Also, a big thank you goes to all of our Beta Testers, Trainers and Users, who provided invaluable feedback in developing iMindMap 5.

iMindMap 5 has lots of new features and a brand new interface, so there is plenty to explore. My favourite features include 3D View, which I love presenting with, and MultiMaps, as I find that I often have related Mind Maps which deserve their own space, but belong on the same page. If you have trialled iMindMap V4 in the past, you can start afresh and take iMindMap 5 for a test drive – come back and tell us your first reactions! Plus our cloud application, iMindMap Online, is also released today. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

And remember, it doesn’t end here. iMindMap 5 will offer our most aggressive update plan yet, and we expect to make improvements and enhancements regularly, so you will literally see the software evolve in front of your eyes.

iMindMap 5

As part of the iMindMap 5 launch, we have also released a brand new edition, iMindMap Basic, which is totally free! This is our way of getting everyone around the world to think and work differently for better results. It something we have wanted to do for a long time and are delighted that it is finally possible. But more on that on the blog later!

Chris Griffiths Signature

Chris on iMindMap 5

Check out this new video to hear Chris’ thoughts on how iMindMap has grown.

It’s the final countdown!

Yes, in the words of that seminal 1980s classic, it really is the final countdown to iMindMap 5. And what a journey it’s been!  We want to extend our thanks to you, our users, blog posters, beta testers and friends who have been invaluable in providing feedback and letting us know what YOU want for iMindMap 5 – it really is appreciated! And with that in mind, let’s have a final recap of our iMindMap 5 offers, where you can make great savings.

All users, whether they are purchasing for the first time or upgrading from existing versions of iMindMap, will receive free iMindMap Online access, so you can access your Mind Maps wherever you are and collaborate in real time. We will announce our upgrade offers to existing iMindMap users on the launch date, April 6th, but we can assure you that there are plenty of savings to be made! And for our new users, remember that if you purchase iMindMap v4 before midnight (BST) April 5th you will be upgraded to iMindMap 5 at no cost, hassle-free!

There are still a couple of surprise announcements to make that will have to wait until April 6th, so make sure you join us at the ThinkBuzan blog and keep your eyes firmly on those inboxes for all of our launch offers!

Countdown….ready to launch…Don’t miss it!

“Dazzlingly versatile.”

“A solid business tool that can help you get many different types of work done…with style.”

The Mind Mapping Software Blog

“It has simply come of age as an information management tool for the 21st century.”

Wallace Tait, Visual Mapper

” I find myself totally at home in every aspect of iMindMap 5…a business tool which offers a creative, intuitive way to work seriously on projects – I love it!”

Michael Landers

Get ready for iMindMap 5 April 6th!

Quicker. Easier. Better.
3D. MultiMaps. Styles. SmartLayout. Online.

Red Nose Day 2011

The ThinkBuzan Team on Red Nose Day

The ThinkBuzan Team taking a break to do their best ‘thinking’ poses for Red Nose Day 2011.  Get involved in Comic Relief!

Welcome to the ThinkBuzan Blog!

Hello to all and welcome to the brand new ThinkBuzan blog! With so much happening and so many exciting developments on the road ahead, we are literally bursting at the seams with things to share with you. So in lieu of literally shouting from the rooftops, we have decided on this far more practical outlet.

So here we are – the ThinkBuzan Blog is up and running and raring to go. We will be giving you regular updates on a little project we’ve been working on called iMindMap 5 – you might have heard us mention it… Plus all the latest product news, upcoming events + training, expert tips, articles, sneak peeks behind the scenes at ThinkBuzan, and any other little morsels you want to hear about – just give us your feedback on here!

We will also be offering up some enthralling and informative guest posts from our wide-reaching and far-flung network of experts: on learning, memory, creativity, innovation and much more – including regular posts from our company CEO, Chris Griffiths.

We look forward to the beginning of a blossoming relationship with you, fellow thinkers – and please do give us your feedback – we are going to be on development overdrive this year so we want your ideas coming in thick and fast! Challenge extended…

Read what our CEO, Chris Griffiths has to say.

Message from Chris Griffiths CEO

This is an incredibly exciting time for us at ThinkBuzan.  Months of hard work are finally coming to fruition and rather than being understandably exhausted on this final stretch, the team here is full of energy and anticipation.  iMindMap 5 signals the beginning of a new era for ThinkBuzan.  It has laid the foundations for what will be a time of continuous development and enhancement.

We wanted to create an agile and responsive piece of software that fundamentally helps you to think better and capture your ideas.  We have packed it full of all the features you could want, from data sharing and linking to project management, but ensured that they don’t get in the way of an intuitive and creative experience.  With some brand new features that add more than a little swagger to iMindMap 5, like 3D View and MultiMaps, we can promise you some fun as well.

The release of iMindMap 5 next month is only the beginning.  Keep your eyes on ThinkBuzan because we have a lot more in store for you this year!

Chris Griffiths