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3 ways to keep projects productive in December

Merry Christmas from iMindMap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But when it comes to productivity, well, not so much. The beginning of December means end of year deadlines are fast approaching – and for a large number of industries, Christmas presents the optimal time to turn a profit. So, when there’s so much opportunity –  alongside so much distraction – how can you maintain an efficient and productive work ethic throughout the festive season?

Well, we have 3 tips to show you just that. So while you’re decking the halls and trimming the trees this season, don’t let your work fall behind. After all, you want to stay on Santa’s nice list.

Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Eyes on the prize

With iMindMap, there is no reason to get lost in the Christmas madness. The biggest challenge we face in the busy month of December is focussing on the tasks we need to get done. With the constant Christmas bustle and festive music blaring, it can feel difficult to think of anything else. Use iMindMap to stay focused on whatever it is you want to achieve.  Whether you’re struggling to get a concept off the ground, or simply want a clearer idea of your next steps for a project, starting your work in Mind Map View is a great way to get things going.

Begin with your central idea and create radiating branches to expand your thoughts further and further across the unlimited canvas. This technique is a great way to give your focus a boost when you’re starting to slip into the Christmas slump. For extra engagement, colour code your branches, insert images and stick to one-word ideas to optimise the visual element of your Mind Map, engaging your brain to the max. The ideas will be snowballing in no time.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Plan of action

Now you’ve outlined your wonderful, creative ideas – it’s time to start a project plan that will streamline the tasks that lie ahead. The combination of colleagues on holiday and an office filled with Christmas excitement can make project planning more difficult than usual. Fear not! iMindMap’s Org. Chart View makes setting out projects in logical steps simple and clear – so you can achieve everything you’ve set out to. Breaking tasks down into manageable chunks is a psychologically-backed method for boosting productivity; move sequentially through each task and you’ll be dashing towards a successful Christmas in no time at all.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Deadline approaching

Avoid the ghost of deadlines past! With so much to juggle, trying to stay on top of deadlines is harder than normal – particularly when the date on everyone’s mind is December 25th. iMindMap’s Time Map View will help you keep track of your project timeline so no due dates pass you by. Create a milestone to mark out your deadlines and work backwards from the finish line. Map out all the tasks you need to do to reach your end goal; tasks can be linked and expanded to indicate their timescale.

Time Map View can be used in as much, or as little, detail as you’d like. With the option to add attachments, progress indicators, and comments, reaching your deadline efficiently has never been so simple.

Say bah humbug to disorganisation – iMindMap will optimise your powers of productivity, so you can get as much done as Santa himself. Download the iMindMap 11 FREE trial for your most productive Christmas ever.

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Don’t let workplace stress ruin your July 4th holiday

The July 4th, Independence Day holiday is almost upon us. Many Americans will be looking forward to some well-deserved time away from work, spending time with the family, having a barbeque in the park or enjoying the neighbourhood firework display. As easy as it is to become distracted with excitement, beware of leaving behind a trail of unfinished tasks as you run out the door; they’ll still be there to greet you on your return.

If you want to switch off from workplace stresses this July 4th, get your to-dos in order before the holiday commences and don’t let a day out of the office force you to fall behind. Even if you’re not lucky enough for time away from work, this is still a great habit to get into to stay on top of your workload. Here’s how to bring order to your weekly tasks using iMindMap…

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3 ways a Time Map View workflow will streamline your business activities

A well-structured workflow will seriously boost your productivity. It is a breakdown of the processes and tools you need to streamline your work activities. Whether you are managing a large team, planning a group project, or simply looking to organise daily tasks, a workflow showing the steps and tools required will transform chaos to clarity.

iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Time Map View provides a unique take on the typical workflow diagram. Time Map View will help you keep track of every part of a process by creating a visual snapshot of responsibilities and actions along a vibrant timeline. Here’s how to bring clarity to a busy process using the Time Map View…

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Solve complex problems with a Six Thinking Hats Mind Map

Mind Mapping 6 Thinking Hats

When it comes to solving problems, your perspective only provides one view of a situation, limiting creativity. The Six Thinking Hats technique encourages you to switch between thinking styles to consider a problem from different angles and generate a variety of ideas and possible solutions.

You may be familiar with this technique already, but have you tried it with Mind Mapping? A Mind Map’s outward radiating branches and keywords prompt you to make associations between your thoughts and generate more ideas. With an overview of your ideas, you will easily spot the gaps in your analysis and can devote more attention to those areas.

Adopt a thinking style one-by-one, adding to your Mind Map as you go. During this exercise, you will have to review previous sections to complete another. A Mind Map’s structure doesn’t require you to think ‘in order’, so you can jump back and forth to build on different areas when needed.

Let’s get started…

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Organise your thoughts and your workspace: Capture digital notes with the Brainstorm View

Information overload is a real problem today, increasing stress levels and draining productivity in the modern workforce. From taking meeting notes to researching for your next big project, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with copious amounts of information. How do you begin to make sense of it all? How will you remember the details?

iMindMap’s unique Brainstorm View will help you to make sense of the chaos and pinpoint your focus. Gather and organise your notes, research and ideas digitally, keeping your workspace and thoughts clear so that you can concentrate on the things that matter. With an infinite, adaptable canvas, and a range of tools to prompt organisation, it provides a flexible space to bring order to information quickly. Read on to learn more about the Brainstorm View…

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Freshen up your thinking space this spring with iMindMap

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to get organised for the rest of this year. Many use this time of year to spring clean homes and offices, so why not freshen up your thinking space? This article will show you how to achieve clearer headspace ready for new beginnings. De-clutter your brain and organise your thoughts using iMindMap this springtime, to ready yourself for future success.

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この春、iMindMap でシンキングスペースをリフレッシュ

春の訪れを感じさせる今日この頃、新学期、新生活のスタート準備は万全ですか? 大成功の一年となるよう、iMindMapを使って思考スペースも整理整頓してみましょう。

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Make your marketing resonate: Create a fully integrated plan with iMindMap

In today’s multi-channel society, there are endless ways for companies to communicate with their consumers. By sending a consistent message across each marketing channel, brands can build and deliver a seamless customer experience that will increase sales and elevate their reputation. By always keeping your company’s mission in mind, you can use Mind Mapping and iMindMap to create an effortless, fully integrated marketing campaign for your brand. Here’s how…

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3 unusual uses for Mind Mapping to enhance your performance at work

Mind Mapping is a world-renowned technique for brainstorming, organising, studying, presenting, managing projects and much more. Mind Maps are infinitely versatile and have many applications, even some that are less obvious. Here are three less common ways to use Mind Maps in the workplace that you might not have considered.

1. Remember every detail of your phone calls

We’ve all been there – trying to keep up with our phone conversation whilst scribbling down important details on our notepads. If you can’t keep up with the flow of the discussion and you’re missing key points as a result, you need a method for capturing information quickly. Next time you make an important call, Mind Mapping your conversation will help you to remember every detail and record vast quantities of information with ease.


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7 everyday challenges Mind Mapping can help you to overcome

Mind Mapping can be applied to any task to help you think with clarity and boost your understanding and performance. When you use Mind Maps on a daily basis, you will find that your life becomes more productive, creative and stress-free on every level. The number of uses Mind Mapping has are endless. Here are seven everyday challenges that Mind Mapping can help you to overcome.

1. Remember every detail

If you’re struggling to remember key information, useful ideas and important facts, try using a Mind Map to give your memory a boost. Through the use of short, memorable keywords, Mind Maps chunk information into core themes, which trigger connections in the brain to help you remember more. To recall specific pieces of information in your Mind Map, make them stand out using colour. Changing the colour of the branches links the visual with the logical and creates mental shortcuts to boost your memory. Adding images will also improve your ability to recall information. They’re processed instantly by the brain, so you’re more likely to remember them than long sentences. Personalising your Mind Maps with images and colours strengthens your connection with its content to help you remember every detail. Read more.

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