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Stay focused with Mind Mapping

Studies have shown that three-quarters of our time is spent retrieving information. And it’s seriously diminishing our concentration. When important information is spread across a variety of different tools and programmes it makes it tough to get things done. The truth is, when our attention is scattered we often lose sight of our end goal. Focus can be the difference between success and failure, but luckily we’re here to help improve yours.

Mind Mapping will let you cut through the noise and give you the freedom to think. In a tool like iMindMap, you’ll be able to tidy up cluttered information and increase your concentration. Below, we’ve noted down our top tips to reclaim your focus. Take a look and put them into practice by downloading our free 7-day trial today.


Cut the clutter

Information can be overwhelming. When we experience information overload, our brains become fatigued and we end up being more forgetful – neither of which is ideal. In your Mind Map, break down large amounts of information into bite-sized chunks by using keywords. This will condense your information into a more manageable load. Cut through the noise and use filters to only see what’s important to you right now. By capturing the most crucial details, you won’t get flustered by what requires your attention, and stay focused on the task at hand.

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iMindMap 9.0.3 available: Discover the Biggerplate Share Option and what else is new

iMind 9.0.3 update

Sharing your Mind Maps with the Mind Mapping community is now only a click away. Plus, see what else is new!

We’re very excited to launch iMindMap 9.0.3 and can’t wait for you to try out the new update. In addition to ironing out a few bugs, the update includes some new enhancements like the ability to upload your Mind Maps straight to Biggerplate from within iMindMap in just a few clicks. Inspire Mind Mappers from all over the world with your creations and put your individual stamp on the Mind Mapping community. Wait, that’s not all! We’ve also made updates to Fast Capture, Brainstorm, Presentation View and more. Scroll down to find out more…

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Spring clean your skills this April in Henley, London

Accredited Training

Revitalise your creativity, memory and productivity with the world experts this spring

There are limited spaces left on the back-to-back ThinkBuzan Mind Mapping, Memory Skills and Speed Reading Licensed Instructor Courses in April, delivered to you from the idyllic setting of Henley Business School. Join a network of over 1000 accredited Licensed Instructors worldwide and boost your creative thinking skills, improve your memory and enhance your productivity.

Our pioneering trio of training courses compliment each other perfectly and use a unique combination of practical skills and repeatable thinking exercises that can be applied to all areas of your work and personal life instantly. No matter what your profession, educational status, or whether you are looking for personal or team gains, join us if you want to maximise your creativity, productivity and memory. We provide you with the knowledge, abilities and tools to revolutionise the way you think and learn for life.

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Biggerplate Unplugged New York: Final Programme Details

With only a few days to go until Biggerplate Unplugged in New York, we caught up with Barney from Biggerplate to confirm the final few programme details for the annual Mind Map conference on March 10th! Here’s what he had to say…

“The theme for the 2016 Mind Map conference is “Mind Mapping for the 21st Century Knowledge Worker” and we’ve got a brilliant range of expert speakers and interactive workshop sessions to explore and discuss uses of Mind Mapping, tips and best practice, and the future of the Mind Mapping sector in general.”

“You can view the full event programme here: Biggerplate Unplugged 2016

“Here’s an overview of the speakers and sessions coming at #BPUN16 in New York:”

Liam Hughes

“Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes will be opening the conference with a perspective on why Mind Mapping could/should be considered the essential tool for the modern information worker.”
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