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Step away from the notebook – 5 ways iMindMap beats pen & paper

Technology has undeniably changed the way we live our lives. From phones which have more computing power than the Apollo 11 rocket to virtual reality which alters the way we perceive our surroundings – the digital realm extends our reach and exists to make our lives easier. This is just as true for Mind Mapping, as it is for everything else.

Here at iMindMap, we love the flexibility and ease that comes with using pen and paper. That’s why we’ve incorporated all the best elements of Mind Mapping by hand into our innovative software. Outdated, handwritten notes come with problems with which we’re all too familiar. So, here are our top 5 ways iMindMap beats working in your notepad:

iMindMap 11 keeps your ideas safe

1. iMindMap keeps your work safe

We all know the feeling, manically flipping through a notebook thinking “I know it’s in here somewhere!” – but even the most organised person will lose work from time-to-time. Drawing a Mind Map by hand means it’s at risk of loss or damage and restricted to the size of your piece of paper.

iMindMap’s enhanced branch drawing tool gives you all the flexibility of working freehand on a limitless canvas. You can work reassured your Mind Map is safely stored and is free to grow as vast as your imagination allows.

Easy, clear creative thinking

2. Clutter-free creative thinking

Mind Mapping visually communicates interlinked ideas in a clear, simple way. Hand-drawn spider diagrams can become messy and hard to read, using iMindMap’s Fast Capture View keeps your early-stage ideas are neat and tidy.

Enhance the aesthetic nature of your ideas by adding visual elements to your web of thought. Insert emojis, images and icons to take visual thinking to the next level. iMindMap 11’s latest Split Screen mode allows you to freely copy and paste ideas between two different projects – a much quicker and easier way of recycling your best plans.

capture all your ideas

3. Capture ideas, organise thoughts

It’s no secret that getting down ideas down quickly and clearly is one of the key benefits of our software. Trying to speedily handwrite notes is hard, but iMindMap’s Fast Capture View moves as fast your brain does. Free-floating bubbles represent your thoughts, and iMindMap 11’s Bubble Groups feature allows you to group topical ideas together.

The ability to organise thoughts after writing them down is a function only available through the latest version of iMindMap – something which is hard to achieve with pen-and-paper.

Collaborate with your teammates

4. Easy collaboration

More often than not, big projects require the shared brain power of a collaborative team. Imagine trying to contribute to someone’s hand-drawn Mind Map or personal list of ideas – you risk losing both clarity of meaning and innovative concepts along the way.

With iMindMap’s Brainstorm View, sharing ideas couldn’t be simpler. The limitless canvas can be filled with sticky notes. Plus, the ability to group, connect and share ideas makes fostering team creativity easier than ever.

present your best ideas

5. Present your best ideas

Being able to communicate your ideas with accuracy is as important as coming up with them in the first place. iMindMap 11’s Radial Map View is an aesthetic way of presenting a whole host of ideas, whilst keeping your core goals central and clear.

Plus, iMindMap 11’s Org. Chart View allows you to track your thinking processes, letting you show others exactly how you came to your innovative conclusion. That’s not to mention that iMindMap’s Presentation View functions as a high-tech tour of all your best thinking.

Not convinced? We challenge traditionalists, sceptics and notepad loyalists to download our full-feature, 7-day FREE trial of iMindMap 11. There’s no upfront card details or costs required, so what are you waiting for?

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Stay focused with Mind Mapping

Studies have shown that three-quarters of our time is spent retrieving information. And it’s seriously diminishing our concentration. When important information is spread across a variety of different tools and programmes it makes it tough to get things done. The truth is, when our attention is scattered we often lose sight of our end goal. Focus can be the difference between success and failure, but luckily we’re here to help improve yours.

Mind Mapping will let you cut through the noise and give you the freedom to think. In a tool like iMindMap, you’ll be able to tidy up cluttered information and increase your concentration. Below, we’ve noted down our top tips to reclaim your focus. Take a look and put them into practice by downloading our free 7-day trial today.


Cut the clutter

Information can be overwhelming. When we experience information overload, our brains become fatigued and we end up being more forgetful – neither of which is ideal. In your Mind Map, break down large amounts of information into bite-sized chunks by using keywords. This will condense your information into a more manageable load. Cut through the noise and use filters to only see what’s important to you right now. By capturing the most crucial details, you won’t get flustered by what requires your attention, and stay focused on the task at hand.

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8 tips for interview success using Mind Mapping

Interview Preparation iMindMap

Congratulations, you got the interview! But how do you make it a triumph? It’s crucial that you walk into every interview with a well thought out plan for selling yourself if you want to land the job. Unfortunately, too many well-qualified candidates don’t do the groundwork and lose out on great job offers. Using a Mind Map to prepare for your interview will help you to explore every topic in detail and create strong answers for anything the interviewer may throw your way. Apply our 8 tips for interview success using the Mind Mapping technique to help you land your ideal career.

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Reduce business risk by Mind Mapping an industry analysis

Whether you’re starting a business, launching a new service line, or repositioning your products in the marketplace, you need to determine whether the industry is worth operating in. It’s important to expose any factors or threats which could hamper your business growth or cause your market value to drop. To help you to make better market predictions and develop more competitive business strategies, visualise your strategic position by Mind Mapping a ‘Five Forces’ industry analysis.

Five Forces Framework

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3 ways to use iMindMap for effective meeting management

There are good meetings and bad meetings. Bad meetings drag on forever, never seeming to get to the point and you leave wondering why you even attended. Effective meetings leave you feeling accomplished, energised and eager to take the next steps.

By adopting the Mind Mapping technique, you can plan and lead meetings with precision to ensure that you utilise information, time and resources to their full potential. Here are 3 simple ways you can use Mind Mapping and iMindMap to make time-wasting meetings a thing of the past…

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3 ways a Time Map View workflow will streamline your business activities

A well-structured workflow will seriously boost your productivity. It is a breakdown of the processes and tools you need to streamline your work activities. Whether you are managing a large team, planning a group project, or simply looking to organise daily tasks, a workflow showing the steps and tools required will transform chaos to clarity.

iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Time Map View provides a unique take on the typical workflow diagram. Time Map View will help you keep track of every part of a process by creating a visual snapshot of responsibilities and actions along a vibrant timeline. Here’s how to bring clarity to a busy process using the Time Map View…

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Is doubt killing your great idea? Try Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis

Have you ever had a brilliant idea that you were excited to share, only for fear to kick in and stop you in your tracks? What if others thought it was unrealistic, flawed or odd? At some point, we can all fall victim to self-doubt. Don’t fret, Mind Mapping a Greens and Reds Analysis will help you to eliminate any uncertainty surrounding your ideas.

The Greens and Reds Analysis is a simple but effective problem solving strategy that allows you to identify an idea’s pros and cons to encourage confident choices. By analysing your idea, you will build a strong case around it before you present it to others. In the example below, we will imagine that we manage a company’s I.T. department and we want to put forward the idea of team members working from home a few days a week. For the most effective analysis, we recommend weighing up the ‘Greens and Reds’ of your idea using the Mind Mapping technique, which we will get into below.

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Freshen up your thinking space this spring with iMindMap

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to get organised for the rest of this year. Many use this time of year to spring clean homes and offices, so why not freshen up your thinking space? This article will show you how to achieve clearer headspace ready for new beginnings. De-clutter your brain and organise your thoughts using iMindMap this springtime, to ready yourself for future success.

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この春、iMindMap でシンキングスペースをリフレッシュ

春の訪れを感じさせる今日この頃、新学期、新生活のスタート準備は万全ですか? 大成功の一年となるよう、iMindMapを使って思考スペースも整理整頓してみましょう。

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Make your marketing resonate: Create a fully integrated plan with iMindMap

In today’s multi-channel society, there are endless ways for companies to communicate with their consumers. By sending a consistent message across each marketing channel, brands can build and deliver a seamless customer experience that will increase sales and elevate their reputation. By always keeping your company’s mission in mind, you can use Mind Mapping and iMindMap to create an effortless, fully integrated marketing campaign for your brand. Here’s how…

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