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Tag Archives: Mind Mapping for Kids

Get back-to-school ready with Mind Mapping

Move over summer, a new school year is coming. Students and teachers, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Plan for the busy days ahead using a Mind Map to turn last minute mayhem into blissful efficiency. Read our Mind Mapping tips to help keep your assignments, activities, plans, tests and notes in order and set yourself up for a stress-free school year.

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Mind Mapping for curriculum planning and beyond

Mark Williams is Head of Physical Education at Stamford American International School in Singapore. He has been using Mind Maps in education for the past two years; here he explains how he and his department use the technique, from curriculum planning to the assessment process.

“When I initially started looking into the use of Mind Maps within my department and my own teaching, I was unsure about how they could aid the curriculum planning process, and how they could be used to show that students were building on their existing knowledge. This led me to look at the use of Mind Maps in two different ways…

1) The planning process

Mind Mapping for curriculum planning
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How Mind Mapping can help young people think more creatively

Asa Jomard Mind Mapping for kids

We are delighted to introduce Asa Jomard, a freelance writer whose thesis, Possible Solutions to Possible Problems, explores cognitive development in children. Asa is also the author of Sparking Children’s Thinkibility and is a professional councillor specialising in parenting and child development. You can visit Asa’s website here.

We asked Asa how she thinks Mind Mapping can be used to encourage young people to think and be more creative. So, over to you Asa…
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Mind Mapping to Assess Students

Classroom with Teacher and StudentsAmong Mind Mapping’s many uses in education is its ability to be used for the pre and post-assessment of students. Minds Maps aid our comprehension and memory, making them the ideal tool for measuring a student’s level of understanding of a topic before and after it’s taught.

Mind Maps are enjoyable to create and engaging for everyone; the non-linear layout and use of images and colours make them perfect for visual and kinaesthetic thinkers*. The radiant structure encourages students to branch out with more ideas and more connections when capturing what they have learnt.
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7 ways to use iMindMap as a teacher

Teaching effectively centres around the ability to plan and deliver effective, engaging lessons throughout the entire school year. As a teacher, we know that time is often in short supply, and so here a seven ways in which iMindMap can help you find a little bit more of it, by improving your lesson planning, preparation and delivery.

Lesson Preparation

Lesson preparation can amount to files full of plans and documents, even a single lesson can generate pages of notes. With iMindMap, you are able to structure and coordinate these notes so that they are clear, concise and easy to follow.
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Back to school: 10 Mind Maps that every student and teacher needs

With the new school year upon us, what better way to get off to a flying start than with our Top 10 educational Mind Maps created by real users. Take these ideas and use them as templates, posters or simply, be inspired to create your own unique maps.

1. Why study…

When introducing a brand new topic or subject to students, you want to remind them of the importance of the information you’re about to bestow on them. However, it’s often the case that you have to constantly remind your students of this throughout the school year.

Try introducing your subject with a fresh approach. Ask your students to Mind Map why your subject is so important or even complete a group Mind Map as a class with everyone’s ideas incorporated.

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5 ways iMindMap can help you prepare for parenthood

Feeling the pressure of a huge life change? Check out our 5 innovative ways you can use iMindMap to get ready for parenthood.

1. Lists, lists and more lists

Lists can become monotonous, frustrating and downright disheartening. Why not try a different approach: make a Mind Map in iMindMap to display your wish list, or take a shortcut and download our free Mind Map template below.

View your Mind Map on your phone (Apple or Android supported devices), add items to your map as something catches your eye, and sync your updates in the iMindMap cloud (with iMindMap Freedom). As you make purchases, delete or tick items using icons from the iMindMap library. It’s the modern day (and less frustrating) shopping list!
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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 4

We come to it at last, the grand finale to the Innovation Nation challenge! By now your country should be taking shape nicely, with its own geography, language, wildlife and national dish. If you are just joining us, check out the whole series here. For the rest of you, it is now time to complete your nation by creating your very own national sport.

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of the challenge where we have a double-whammy of activities for you today. You already have your nations, name, flag, map and language – now it’s time to invent a memorable national dish and discover what wildlife frolics freely in and around your country’s borders. If you’ve fallen a bit behind, no need to worry, take a look at Exercise 1: Geography or Exercise 2: Languages

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The Innovation Nation Mind Mapping Challenge – Part 2

So we move on to part two of the challenge. You’ve already created a name, flag and map for your country, and now it is time to ignite your innovation by making your very own language. The memory boosting skills of word and image association are the name of the game in this activity.If you missed part one, click here for Exercise 1: Geography

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