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Freshen up your thinking space this spring with iMindMap

Spring has finally sprung, bringing with it the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to get organised for the rest of this year. Many use this time of year to spring clean homes and offices, so why not freshen up your thinking space? This article will show you how to achieve clearer headspace ready for new beginnings. De-clutter your brain and organise your thoughts using iMindMap this springtime, to ready yourself for future success.

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この春、iMindMap でシンキングスペースをリフレッシュ

春の訪れを感じさせる今日この頃、新学期、新生活のスタート準備は万全ですか? 大成功の一年となるよう、iMindMapを使って思考スペースも整理整頓してみましょう。

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Make your marketing resonate: Create a fully integrated plan with iMindMap

In today’s multi-channel society, there are endless ways for companies to communicate with their consumers. By sending a consistent message across each marketing channel, brands can build and deliver a seamless customer experience that will increase sales and elevate their reputation. By always keeping your company’s mission in mind, you can use Mind Mapping and iMindMap to create an effortless, fully integrated marketing campaign for your brand. Here’s how…

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Organisations #lovetoMindMap to stimulate business growth and accomplish more

Valentine’s Day is officially upon us. With people all over the globe sharing their feelings of love and appreciation, we wanted to inspire some too! Today we’re launching a competition – and to be in with a chance to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license worth £149 | $235, you just have to let us know why you love to Mind Map using the hashtag #lovetoMindMap on Facebook or Twitter. Find out more and read the competition terms and conditions after the article below.


How is iMindMap helping start-ups to multinationals flourish?

Hear from the organisations themselves, from booming start-ups to global heavyweights, how they are using iMindMap to organise and implement projects, set and manage goals, generate ideas and much more. We talked with individuals and teams within four organisations, to find out how they use iMindMap to help their company thrive…


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Valentine’s Competition: Win a FREE iMindMap 10 Ultimate License


Want to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license?

Has iMindMap helped you to launch a new product? Maybe it made planning your home improvements a little easier? Or, gave you the productivity boost you needed to achieve great results in the classroom? Share the love this Valentine’s! Tell us why you #lovetoMindMap for your chance to win a free iMindMap 10 Ultimate license worth £149 | $235.

Competition ends on Friday 17th February 2017

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Spotlight On: iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Fast Capture View

Ideas can be fleeting, bubbling up from your subconscious mind without notice, and then disappearing just as quickly. iMindMap 10 Ultimate’s Fast Capture View is the perfect tool to capture ideas as they strike, and distil them into a tangible web of thoughts. No matter what ideas you’re trying to inspire, from concepts for an upcoming blog post, research for a school project, or identifying new business opportunities, the Fast Capture View will kick-start your creative process. Let’s take a closer look at the Fast Capture View, and find out what makes it an important asset to your creative thinking.


Watch Video: See what you can achieve with the Fast Capture View

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iMindMap 10: Get started with Time Map View

We have added the all-new Time Map View in iMindMap 10. The addition of this whole new view makes iMindMap 10 a complete workspace, equipped with everything you need to manage your ideas from inspiration to achievement. Assemble your ideas along a visually rich and interactive timeline and transform them into actionable tasks. Our short video tutorial below will guide you through the basics of Time Map View.

Get started with Time Map View

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Welcome to iMindMap 10

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iMindMap 10 新機能のご紹介 – 最終回:タイムマップビューでアイディアをさらにその先へ

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iMindMap 10 Final Feature Reveal – Take your ideas further than ever before with Time Map View

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