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Master project planning with Mind Mapping

Plan projects with Mind Maps

Businesses know all too well what it is like to see initiatives that are over budget and behind schedule. So, what can you do to stop your project plan going astray?

iMindMap is the perfect tool to help you visualise your project plan and streamline your tasks; making lengthy, manual and time-consuming project planning a thing of the past. iMindMap can be used by individuals and across entire organisations for collaborative work, to help optimise, plan and execute successful projects.
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6 Ways to Use Freedom’s Contacts & Sharing

The Contacts & Sharing features were introduced to iMindMap Cloud only a few weeks ago and offer a whole new way to use iMindMap on your computer, mobile or browser.

We thought we’d give you some ideas to get you started using the new features…

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5 Key Tips for Becoming a Champion with iMindMap 6

iMindMap 6iMindMap 6 has brought a host of great new features – but how do you know how to get the most out of the new tools on offer? Well, with the opening ceremony for the world’s most renowned sporting event on Friday, we thought we’d take some tips from the heroes of the stadium…

1. Dazzle the crowd

A little razzle dazzle is a sure-fire way to win over an audience and make them sit up and take notice. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, may have caught our attention with his record-smashing speed, but he kept it thanks to his vibrant personality, humorous celebrity collaborations, memorable celebrations and that signature pose.

For us mere mortals, the crowd tends to be more in the meeting room than in the stands but the principle still applies! Using iMindMap 6’s 3D maps can have the same attention-grabbing effect when used in meetings or presentations. Wrap your winning ideas in something cool, fun and different to boost their impact and you are guaranteed a much warmer response!

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Celebrate our Biggerplate Birthday and Win a Free Subscription to iMindMap Freedom!

It has been 12 months since iMindMap and Biggerplate first teamed up to allow iMindMappers to share and explore each other’s creative work. We knew our users would jump at such an opportunity and we were right. iMindMap users from across the globe dove right into Biggerplate and started sharing some of the most daring and creative maps we’ve ever seen.

Biggerplate / iMindMap Birthday

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Advice for users of the previous iMindMap apps

If you purchased iMindMap Mobile Pro for the iPhone or iMindMap Mobile HD for the iPad, you are entitled to get a FREE upgrade to the premium features of the new iMindMap apps!

How it works

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Watch the new iMindMap HD for iPad video

Now available to download from the iTunes App Store here.

iMindMap HD is part of iMindMap Freedom, find out more on the Freedom homepage.

iMindMap Freedom is Out Now!

Download the apps today to get started:



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Now we’ve given you Freedom – what are you going to do with it?

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iMindMap Freedom coming soon…

All new, redesigned and rebuilt apps for iPhone & iPad

More mobile apps on their way

Use the online editor to create and edit your maps on any computer

ThinkBuzan Cloud – Sync your maps so you can access them anywhere

All with ONE subscription

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