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Mind Mapping for curriculum planning and beyond

Mark Williams is Head of Physical Education at Stamford American International School in Singapore. He has been using Mind Maps in education for the past two years; here he explains how he and his department use the technique, from curriculum planning to the assessment process.

“When I initially started looking into the use of Mind Maps within my department and my own teaching, I was unsure about how they could aid the curriculum planning process, and how they could be used to show that students were building on their existing knowledge. This led me to look at the use of Mind Maps in two different ways…

1) The planning process

Mind Mapping for curriculum planning
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7 modern ways teachers use Mind Mapping

In this third and final post in the series, Steve Molyneux, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor, CEO of the iPad Academy and Apple Distinguished Educator, provides us with an insight into 7 innovative ways for teachers to utilise Mind Mapping with iMindMap HD for the iPad in the classroom.

Finding innovative teaching methods to keep students engaged is a constant struggle for teachers. Mind Mapping, as a technique, has been used as a tool for creativity and visual thinking in the classroom for decades.
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