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3 ways to keep projects productive in December

Merry Christmas from iMindMap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But when it comes to productivity, well, not so much. The beginning of December means end of year deadlines are fast approaching – and for a large number of industries, Christmas presents the optimal time to turn a profit. So, when there’s so much opportunity –  alongside so much distraction – how can you maintain an efficient and productive work ethic throughout the festive season?

Well, we have 3 tips to show you just that. So while you’re decking the halls and trimming the trees this season, don’t let your work fall behind. After all, you want to stay on Santa’s nice list.

Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Eyes on the prize

With iMindMap, there is no reason to get lost in the Christmas madness. The biggest challenge we face in the busy month of December is focussing on the tasks we need to get done. With the constant Christmas bustle and festive music blaring, it can feel difficult to think of anything else. Use iMindMap to stay focused on whatever it is you want to achieve.  Whether you’re struggling to get a concept off the ground, or simply want a clearer idea of your next steps for a project, starting your work in Mind Map View is a great way to get things going.

Begin with your central idea and create radiating branches to expand your thoughts further and further across the unlimited canvas. This technique is a great way to give your focus a boost when you’re starting to slip into the Christmas slump. For extra engagement, colour code your branches, insert images and stick to one-word ideas to optimise the visual element of your Mind Map, engaging your brain to the max. The ideas will be snowballing in no time.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Plan of action

Now you’ve outlined your wonderful, creative ideas – it’s time to start a project plan that will streamline the tasks that lie ahead. The combination of colleagues on holiday and an office filled with Christmas excitement can make project planning more difficult than usual. Fear not! iMindMap’s Org. Chart View makes setting out projects in logical steps simple and clear – so you can achieve everything you’ve set out to. Breaking tasks down into manageable chunks is a psychologically-backed method for boosting productivity; move sequentially through each task and you’ll be dashing towards a successful Christmas in no time at all.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Deadline approaching

Avoid the ghost of deadlines past! With so much to juggle, trying to stay on top of deadlines is harder than normal – particularly when the date on everyone’s mind is December 25th. iMindMap’s Time Map View will help you keep track of your project timeline so no due dates pass you by. Create a milestone to mark out your deadlines and work backwards from the finish line. Map out all the tasks you need to do to reach your end goal; tasks can be linked and expanded to indicate their timescale.

Time Map View can be used in as much, or as little, detail as you’d like. With the option to add attachments, progress indicators, and comments, reaching your deadline efficiently has never been so simple.

Say bah humbug to disorganisation – iMindMap will optimise your powers of productivity, so you can get as much done as Santa himself. Download the iMindMap 11 FREE trial for your most productive Christmas ever.

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