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What’s in the iMindMap 6.1 Update… Out Now!

iMindMap is bigger and better than ever in the 6.1 update that has gone live today! We have packed it full of features that are going to make you look great and get your message out there. Read on for a swift tour of what’s new…
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iMindMap 6.1 out next week!

Only a matter of days left until the iMindMap 6.1 update and Freedom‘s Contacts & Sharing go live. As the countdown begins, take a look at what’s coming…

For more info, take a look at What’s Coming Next in iMindMap 6.1

What’s coming next in iMindMap 6?


iMindMap 6 introduced some stunning new features and we have even more on the way! Coming soon in the 6.1 update – free to all iMindMap 6 users – are some very exciting additions…

Let your iMindMap Presentations deliver themselves with new Autoplay and kiosk mode

It’s not always about standing in front of a screen, clicking your way through a presentation. Sometimes you want a story to play itself out in the background – more of a supporting part than the lead role. Well coming to Presentations in iMindMap 6.1 is a new Autoplay setting that lets you do just that! Put a timer on your ‘slides’, hit Autoplay and simply leave iMindMap to it.

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5 Key Tips for Becoming a Champion with iMindMap 6

iMindMap 6iMindMap 6 has brought a host of great new features – but how do you know how to get the most out of the new tools on offer? Well, with the opening ceremony for the world’s most renowned sporting event on Friday, we thought we’d take some tips from the heroes of the stadium…

1. Dazzle the crowd

A little razzle dazzle is a sure-fire way to win over an audience and make them sit up and take notice. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, may have caught our attention with his record-smashing speed, but he kept it thanks to his vibrant personality, humorous celebrity collaborations, memorable celebrations and that signature pose.

For us mere mortals, the crowd tends to be more in the meeting room than in the stands but the principle still applies! Using iMindMap 6’s 3D maps can have the same attention-grabbing effect when used in meetings or presentations. Wrap your winning ideas in something cool, fun and different to boost their impact and you are guaranteed a much warmer response!

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iMindMap 6 Out Now!

The new generation of Mind Mapping software has hit the digital shelves at Turbo-charged with creative tools and stunning visuals, iMindMap 6 is designed to inspire your thinking and fuel your creativity.

Take a look at what’s new…

3D View Reborn
Try brainstorming ideas and making plans in iMindMap’s revamped 3D View and you’ll never look back. Stunning new 3D environments with complete control for drawing and navigating maps. *Ultimate Only

Faster, fluid thinking
Our brand new Branch Target allows you to draw multiple branch types easily. Box branches have been jazzed up with a variety of new shapes and colour fills and you can now format individual letters or words on your map.

Presentations Rebuilt
We’ll make an artist out of you with the new Presentation builder in iMindMap 6. Use our new fully customisable slide format and rotating transitions to create something thrilling for your audience. *Ultimate Only

Beyond Mind Maps
Capture your thoughts in different ways with brand new Flowcharts, built right alongside your maps. Unlike the dull, flat flowcharts you’re used to, these have been given the iMindMap touch! *Ultimate Only

More features to come
Our Continuous Updates policy means that if you have iMindMap 6, you will get all the future 6 updates and new features for free. Our Developers work fast, so get on board and enjoy the ride!

And a whole lot more!

Including faster start up times, new full screen editing mode, multiselect, new Sketch tool, Map Snippets and the all new WayBack tool for iMindMap Freedom users…

“iMindMap 6 is the most advanced product we’ve ever developed here at ThinkBuzan HQ. Although all the new features get an equal share of our affection, 3D is something we’re particularly proud of because it’s simply unmatched. Our 3D editor takes Mind Mapping to a new creative space and there is nothing else like it, anywhere.”
James Carr, Head of Desktop Development

Plus, check out our exclusive launch offers – available for a limited time only.

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Spotlight On: iMindMap 5.5’s Enhanced 3D View

iMindMap Ultimate’s stunning 3D View transforms your Mind Map into a multi-dimensional object, allowing you to glide around your map from a range of different angles and zoom in on specific areas for a totally new perspective.

iMindMap 5.5’s recent enhancements to 3D View mean you can now do so much more when using this eye-catching feature. With a whole range of new functions added to 3D View, you now have significantly increased editing functionality. Read on to find out exactly what you can do in iMindMap’s 3D View…

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iMindMap 5.5 is Out Tomorrow!

The latest in our series of feature-packed free updates goes live tomorrow! So as we count down the minutes till iMindMap 5.5, let’s hear from our ever-enthusiastic (and surprisingly eloquent) leader of the iMindmap Desktop pack – over to you, James….


Here at ThinkBuzan HQ there’s nothing we like better than making things… well… better. Our 5.5 update makes iMindMap easier to use and puts more power in your hands, so you’ll understand why everyone here is really excited to get it out to you and see what you think!

If you’re anything like me, by now you’ll be wondering “how do I get this marvellous update?” Well I’ll tell you – iMindMap 5.5 is going to be available through our in-app updates (or to download via our website if you don’t already have iMindMap) from tomorrow so keep watching this space. Read our How-To-Guide on Updates to see how you get a hold of your update goodies.

Here’s the overview of the major changes that you’ll get in the 5.5 release, but as ever our team have been working on a load of changes to make your Mind Mapping experience better than ever before!

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What’s new in iMindMap 5 – the Video

Watch the second of our brand new videos, for the experienced iMindMap user, to see Ben showcase the new iMindMap 5 software features as he uses them at home and at work, and find out why you should really think about upgrading!

What’s New in iMindMap 5?

Like the video?  Then share it with your friends and colleagues!  Keep checking in too – the full iMindMap 5 feature breakdown is coming soon…

Quick offer update…

We have some exclusive upgrade offers for our existing iMindMap users and we will be filling you in on all the details very soon!  Take a look at the iMindMap 5 page for more information.

Meet Ben – A Day in the Life of an iMindMap 5 User

Watch our brand new video to see how our creative and unflappable Ben uses iMindMap 5 throughout his day, and find out how you could incorporate it into your life.

Meet Ben – the iMindMap 5 User

Click here to view on YouTube.

Like the videos?  Then share them with your friends and colleagues!  Keep checking in too – the full iMindMap 5 feature breakdown is coming soon…

Quick offer update…

If you’re starting to think iMindMap 5 might be just what you’re looking for, remember that you can save money by buying iMindMap v4 before launch on April 6th and you will receive a free upgrade to iMindMap 5 on release plus 3 months free access to iMindMap Online – makes no sense to wait. Take a look at the iMindMap 5 page for more details.

iMindMap 5 Release Imminent!

The ThinkBuzan team is fully galvanised and cannot wait to get iMindMap 5 out into the world.  Almost 2 years of late nights and sweaty brows, slaving away to create the most agile, intuitive and cutting edge Mind Mapping software conceivable, are very nearly at an end.  We are on the home stretch and after completely rebuilding iMindMap from the ground up, this labour of love is soon to be released into the wild.

Not wanting to do anything by halves, we have packed the new software full of brand new features that will blow your mind (in a good way).  You can visit the iMindMap 5 webpage for the full rundown of new features, but here are a couple tasty little tidbits of information to keep you going for now:

iMindMap Online

iMindMap Online

That’s right – iMindMap has gone onto the world wide web!  With iMindMap Online, wherever you are you can access and develop your ideas.  Collaborate with friends or colleagues on the other side of the world in real time with no obstacles.  iMindMap Online will give you the freedom to share and develop your ideas whenever, wherever, with whoever!

iMindMap 3D View3D View

Introducing the first ever, never seen before, totally exclusive, 3D Mind Map View!   See your ideas from a whole new perspective – from all perspectives – with this groundbreaking new view in iMindMap 5.  Letting you navigate around your map from all angles, 3D View brings your maps to life and takes you on an unforgettable journey!

Everybody in the office has been playing with 3D View at every opportunity – it is great fun to use and, we must warn you, very addictive.

Check out the iMindMap 5 page to find out what other features will be making their debut and the huge savings we have on offer…