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Spark your creative genius at work with iMindMap

Get Creative with iMindMap 11

Work isn’t just about getting the job done. In a fast-paced business environment, the most successful organisations are those that have recognised the importance of remaining flexible and adaptable. To stay ahead of the game, these businesses prioritise creative thinking in order to spark innovative solutions.

You don’t need to be artistic to be creative. At iMindMap, we believe that anyone has the ability to harness the creativity they were born with and put it to good use. Mind Mapping and visual thinking allow you to generate original ideas and not only think outside the box but remove that box completely. Experience total freedom of thought and an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. Read on to find out how iMindMap 11 will be the solution to all your creative ambitions.

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3 ways your whole team can benefit from iMindMap 11

iMindMap 11 multi-user licenses

We believe that having a creative and innovative team lies at the heart of a successful business and has a huge benefit on the quality of our performance and projects. With our iMindMap 11 multi-user licenses, you can make some great savings by introducing our software to your workplace. By choosing a license for up to 25 users, your colleagues can download iMindMap and join you on your Mind Mapping adventures.

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How people like you are using iMindMap 11’s latest features

iMindMap 11's latest features

iMindMap 11 is packed full of innovative new ways to get your ideas, plans and projects up and running. With multiple views, a variety of features and easy to navigate display makes iMindMap 11 a tool that can be used by anyone. Version 11 is our most powerful to date, and we love seeing how all the new and creative aspects are being put to use. With so many unique views, the possible purposes for iMindMap are endless – but, if you’re stuck for ideas, learning what others are doing is a great way to get the cogs turning.

From working professionals to creative freelancers – read on to see why we believe iMindMap 11 has something for everybody.

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University projects shine with iMindMap

Students Using iMindMap

With Freshers’ Week on the horizon and laptops at the ready, it’s time to kick-start the semester the right way with iMindMap. Proven to boost your productivity, creativity and memory, Mind Mapping and visual thinking tools are a great way to manage your time and brain power, especially for busy uni students. Turn your educational aspirations into a reality with this essential Mind Mapping software that you won’t be able to survive without.

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Let your child’s imagination soar with iMindMap Kids

iMindMap Kids

With the children heading back to school, it’s an exciting time for your child. After a fun summer, they will be ready to learn new things and develop important skills. iMindMap Kids is our captivating iPad app for children, with which they can support their learning with fun and easy-to-build Mind Maps, helping them to explore their endless ideas and boundless creativity.

Mind Maps are proven to help boost their memory and the ability to recall and classify information. Can you remember creating Mind Maps when you were little? In the digital world we live in today, our iMindMap Kids app lets children’s ideas blossom into colourful, fun and engaging designs.

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Back to School with iMindMap: Easy as ABC

Back to School

As we start to welcome in the cooler autumn breeze, you may be preparing for the start of a brand new school term. After an unwinding summer, it can be difficult initially to focus on what work you have to organise and prepare in time for when the bell rings. However, this doesn’t have to be a chore. With iMindMap 11, you can stay organised and productive in a fun, engaging and easy way. Whether you’re writing your lesson plans or organising homework deadlines, iMindMap 11 will help you to stay on top of your goals for a stress-free school year.

To help you jump back into classroom life, take a look at these 3 ways to set yourself up for success this term. Before you know it, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make this term your most productive yet – it’s as easy as A B C!

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4 ways to end your summer on a productivity high

iMindMap 11 End of Summer Sale

With the summer season coming to an end, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the unexpected heatwaves and long-awaited holidays. However, the warm days spent relaxing and soaking up the sunshine can easily slow down our productivity. Now is the perfect opportunity to refresh your thinking and revitalise your projects, so you can end your summer on a hot streak of success.

Want kick-start your productivity? See below 4 ways you can be sure to end your summer on a productivity high:

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Amplify your thinking with the iMindMap 11 Plus Pack

Unleash your creativity with iMindMap

Our Mind Mapping and brainstorming software, iMindMap, has helped over 1 million people worldwide spark ideas, develop plans and launch projects into action. This year, we released iMindMap 11, our most powerful version yet. And, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new visual thinking tool, and harnessing the entirety of its power.

We have created a special-edition collection of resources, known as the iMindMap 11 Ultimate Plus Pack. This pack not only consists of our powerful, full-feature iMindMap software, but comes with 4 additional products that have been carefully curated by industry experts to level up your visual thinking skills. Learn below how the iMindMap 11 Ultimate Plus Pack will help you apply creativity to your everyday, with easily implemented skills and processes that will drive better-than-ever ideas and results.

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Let’s get visual: unleash your creativity with iMindMap

Unleash your creativity with iMindMap

Text-heavy documents and presentations make information harder to digest – fact. Could you recall the contents of ten pages of text? Us neither.

With a visual thinking tool like iMindMap 11, you can ‘get the picture’, without getting bogged down in weighty documents. Engage with day-to-day information in a more meaningful way. Create easy to comprehend, visual overviews of complex topics, projects or data using keywords, colour and images, without losing any of those crucial details.

Today, we’re sharing some of the unique ways colour and imagery will help you to capture, memorise and present your best thinking using iMindmap 11. Take a look below to find out how…

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iMindMap, your problem-solving research partner

Summer Sale continues

Problem-solving is at the centre of what we do every day. Whether it’s an issue faced at work, or you have a task that requires some investigating, thorough research is key to moving forward successfully. In iMindMap, outline your findings, spot connections between thoughts, and create an action plan for how to successfully overcome whatever obstacles lie between you and your goals.

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