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How to avoid stress and have your most organised Christmas yet

iMindMap 11 Christmas December Mind Map

We say it every year: we just can’t believe there are only two weeks left until Christmas! No matter how early you start to plan for the holidays, it always seems to creep up on you quicker than you expect. With the twinkling lights decorating the streets to the smell of mulled wine in the air, the last thing you want is to let your never-ending to-do list dull your festive glow and zap away your holiday spirit. So, if you’re feeling a little flurry of panic at the thought of getting everything ready, then fear not. Christmas is the perfect time to inject some fun into your festive planning, and we have just the thing you need to avoid feeling stressed and actually enjoy the lead up to the big day.

Read on to discover how iMindMap 11 can help you organise your to-do lists and come up with some fun festive ideas for a Christmas yule never forget.

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3 ways to keep projects productive in December

Merry Christmas from iMindMap

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But when it comes to productivity, well, not so much. The beginning of December means end of year deadlines are fast approaching – and for a large number of industries, Christmas presents the optimal time to turn a profit. So, when there’s so much opportunity –  alongside so much distraction – how can you maintain an efficient and productive work ethic throughout the festive season?

Well, we have 3 tips to show you just that. So while you’re decking the halls and trimming the trees this season, don’t let your work fall behind. After all, you want to stay on Santa’s nice list.

Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Eyes on the prize

With iMindMap, there is no reason to get lost in the Christmas madness. The biggest challenge we face in the busy month of December is focussing on the tasks we need to get done. With the constant Christmas bustle and festive music blaring, it can feel difficult to think of anything else. Use iMindMap to stay focused on whatever it is you want to achieve.  Whether you’re struggling to get a concept off the ground, or simply want a clearer idea of your next steps for a project, starting your work in Mind Map View is a great way to get things going.

Begin with your central idea and create radiating branches to expand your thoughts further and further across the unlimited canvas. This technique is a great way to give your focus a boost when you’re starting to slip into the Christmas slump. For extra engagement, colour code your branches, insert images and stick to one-word ideas to optimise the visual element of your Mind Map, engaging your brain to the max. The ideas will be snowballing in no time.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Plan of action

Now you’ve outlined your wonderful, creative ideas – it’s time to start a project plan that will streamline the tasks that lie ahead. The combination of colleagues on holiday and an office filled with Christmas excitement can make project planning more difficult than usual. Fear not! iMindMap’s Org. Chart View makes setting out projects in logical steps simple and clear – so you can achieve everything you’ve set out to. Breaking tasks down into manageable chunks is a psychologically-backed method for boosting productivity; move sequentially through each task and you’ll be dashing towards a successful Christmas in no time at all.


Use iMindMap view to get the festive ideas going

Deadline approaching

Avoid the ghost of deadlines past! With so much to juggle, trying to stay on top of deadlines is harder than normal – particularly when the date on everyone’s mind is December 25th. iMindMap’s Time Map View will help you keep track of your project timeline so no due dates pass you by. Create a milestone to mark out your deadlines and work backwards from the finish line. Map out all the tasks you need to do to reach your end goal; tasks can be linked and expanded to indicate their timescale.

Time Map View can be used in as much, or as little, detail as you’d like. With the option to add attachments, progress indicators, and comments, reaching your deadline efficiently has never been so simple.

Say bah humbug to disorganisation – iMindMap will optimise your powers of productivity, so you can get as much done as Santa himself. Download the iMindMap 11 FREE trial for your most productive Christmas ever.

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6 ways technology has transformed the world around us

Technology and iMindMap 11

This Cyber Monday, we’re celebrating all the ways technology has affected everything that surrounds us. Read on to discover 6 key impacts of the cyber world and how you can use iMindMap to take advantage of the benefits of technology, every day.

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Why Mind Mapping is the only way to overcome writer’s block

Overcome Writer's Block with iMindMap 11

Lost for words? Whether it’s a business proposal, blog post, or university essay, most people will have to write something at one time or another, if not on a daily basis. So, we all know the frustration of staring at a blank page, particularly when you’ve got a deadline to meet.

Writer’s block is described as the lost ability to produce new work and the experience of a creative slowdown. But, why does it happen? Frequent causes of writer’s block include a lack of structure, stress, perfectionism and selective thinking. It’s important to remember that writer’s block exists only in your head and can be managed by the tools you use. Read on to discover the primary causes of writer’s block and why Mind Mapping is a great way to defeat them.
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3 ways to use iMindMap to enhance your revision

Upgrade your revision with iMindMap

The trouble with deadlines is they always come around faster than you expect. For students around the world, winter exams and essays are looming in the not-so-distant future. When it comes to getting ahead on revision there really is no time like the present. However, getting started on your work is often the hardest part. But, with iMindMap, not only is revision more manageable – it’s actually fun, too. Not convinced? Read on to discover all the proven benefits of using iMindMap to revise. So you can reach new heights of academic success in time for your exams this winter!

an unlimited canvas will take your revision to the next level

Improve your memory

Are you drowning in all the facts, figures and theories you need to memorise? Don’t panic, iMindMap can help improve your comprehension, whatever the subject. The traditional method of copying out revision notes is bland and uninspiring. Switching to Mind Mapping allows you to unlock a whole world of visual thinking – and the benefits don’t end there. Mind Mapping techniques have been linked to improved memory – making storing those all important nuggets of revision easier than ever. To start your revision journey, use Mind Map View – from here you can create a central idea (the subject area you’re revising would be a good start) and begin adding child branches. By using keywords and images, you can break down facts and make it far easier to recall important information. The trick is to move through topics, going from the broad to the more specific – and don’t worry, with iMindMap’s unlimited canvas you’ll never run out of space. Don’t forget to add images, icons and emojis to enhance your visual learning and make all-important memory associations.

org. chart view is perfect for essay planning and revision

Organise your ideas

Sitting down to revise often feels overwhelming. With so much to learn, where should you start? Breaking your work into manageable chunks is key to making progress. If you’re juggling multiple subjects and modules it’s important you keep your priorities clear. Starting work without direction leads to time wasted on menial tasks, while the more important areas end up being neglected. Use iMindMap’s Org. Chart View to outline your revision and streamline your workload. By creating a revision workflow, you can easily create an intuitive breakdown of the tasks you need to do for each subject. The hierarchical top-down structure will make tracing back through your ideas super easy. Your priorities can be seen at a glance, making working through your revision in the right order as simple as possible. This view is also a great tool for planning essays, as you can move from your thesis statement through to your natural conclusion with logic and structure.

org. chart view is perfect for essay planning and revision

Dodge revision boredom

Boredom may feel like a natural by-product of revision – but, when working in iMindMap, it need not be. Many of us know the path from boredom to procrastination all too well. Keeping your brain engaged is a must if you want to make the most of your revision time. Here at iMindMap, we suggest using Radial Map View to stimulate the visual side of your brain. By breaking interlinking ideas into colour-coded rings and easy-to-digest nodes you are able to add meaning to large amounts of information. All whilst being able to see a birdseye view of your revision, so your central goals never get lost.

Another great way to avoid boredom is to get active with your revision. Multiple studies have found that one of the most effective ways to retain knowledge is actually to teach someone else. With a fellow student, take it in turns using iMindMap’s Presentation View to teach each other and you’ll both be as prepared as possible for the exams which lie ahead.

Don’t leave it to the last minute again – rediscover your love of learning and get ahead on revision using iMindMap 11. Download the full-feature 7 day trial for FREE today and unlock your full potential.

How to capture your best ideas and let them flourish

iMindMap creative thinking mind map

Some of the greatest ideas come from a simple thought. We never know where our ideas can take us; whether it’s the start of an exciting project or even the beginnings of a new business idea, the possibilities are only as limited as our imagination. The trick is knowing where to start. With so many ideas whizzing around your head, it’s important to take a step back and get your thoughts into order. By keeping your ideas stored safely in one place, you know exactly where to look should you wish to revisit any sparks of inspiration. Once you have all your thoughts captured, this also means you can park them and choose the most important ones to focus on and develop.

Look after your ideas, and never lose a thought which could materialize into something great. Here’s how iMindMap can help you organise your thoughts in a clear and structured display, whatever stage your idea is at.

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3 scary myths of the mind that trick even the most motivated

Get Creative with iMindMap 11

When it comes to thinking power, memory and creativity, there are often terrifying misconceptions about how to best develop and use these to your advantage. Forget zombies, ghosts and witches, these 3 frighteningly convincing myths are sure to spook you out of success.
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According to science, you’re at your most productive in autumn

Productivity in Autumn

You may have thought about how the weather affects your mood, but did you know it can also affect your productivity? A study by the Harvard Business School found that a decrease in sunny weather is directly related to an increase in worker efficiency. During bad weather, in particular, people tend to focus more on their work, rather than getting distracted by thoughts of the fun activities they could be doing outside in the sun.

While we can’t control the weather, we can give you the tool you need to get the most out of this peak in productivity and really thrive in these cooler months. So dust off your woolly hats, grab your pumpkin spice lattes and get your head in the game – here’s how iMindMap can help make this autumn your most successful yet.

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3 tips to survive the end-of-year productivity slump

Get productive with iMindMap 11

With summer feeling like a distant memory and the end of 2018 more clearly in sight, it’s easy to let productivity slip. With three quarters of the year already behind you, it’s time to reorganise, refresh and reevaluate everything you’ve been doing so far. Working at full capacity for months on end can be draining. These final months of the year must be planned for effectively to maintain well-being, remain realistic and reach maximum output. Read our top tips below for 3 insightful ways to make Q4 incredibly productive with the help of iMindMap 11 Ultimate or Ultimate Plus.

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Step away from the notebook – 5 ways iMindMap beats pen & paper

Technology has undeniably changed the way we live our lives. From phones which have more computing power than the Apollo 11 rocket to virtual reality which alters the way we perceive our surroundings – the digital realm extends our reach and exists to make our lives easier. This is just as true for Mind Mapping, as it is for everything else.

Here at iMindMap, we love the flexibility and ease that comes with using pen and paper. That’s why we’ve incorporated all the best elements of Mind Mapping by hand into our innovative software. Outdated, handwritten notes come with problems with which we’re all too familiar. So, here are our top 5 ways iMindMap beats working in your notepad:

iMindMap 11 keeps your ideas safe

1. iMindMap keeps your work safe

We all know the feeling, manically flipping through a notebook thinking “I know it’s in here somewhere!” – but even the most organised person will lose work from time-to-time. Drawing a Mind Map by hand means it’s at risk of loss or damage and restricted to the size of your piece of paper.

iMindMap’s enhanced branch drawing tool gives you all the flexibility of working freehand on a limitless canvas. You can work reassured your Mind Map is safely stored and is free to grow as vast as your imagination allows.

Easy, clear creative thinking

2. Clutter-free creative thinking

Mind Mapping visually communicates interlinked ideas in a clear, simple way. Hand-drawn spider diagrams can become messy and hard to read, using iMindMap’s Fast Capture View keeps your early-stage ideas are neat and tidy.

Enhance the aesthetic nature of your ideas by adding visual elements to your web of thought. Insert emojis, images and icons to take visual thinking to the next level. iMindMap 11’s latest Split Screen mode allows you to freely copy and paste ideas between two different projects – a much quicker and easier way of recycling your best plans.

capture all your ideas

3. Capture ideas, organise thoughts

It’s no secret that getting down ideas down quickly and clearly is one of the key benefits of our software. Trying to speedily handwrite notes is hard, but iMindMap’s Fast Capture View moves as fast your brain does. Free-floating bubbles represent your thoughts, and iMindMap 11’s Bubble Groups feature allows you to group topical ideas together.

The ability to organise thoughts after writing them down is a function only available through the latest version of iMindMap – something which is hard to achieve with pen-and-paper.

Collaborate with your teammates

4. Easy collaboration

More often than not, big projects require the shared brain power of a collaborative team. Imagine trying to contribute to someone’s hand-drawn Mind Map or personal list of ideas – you risk losing both clarity of meaning and innovative concepts along the way.

With iMindMap’s Brainstorm View, sharing ideas couldn’t be simpler. The limitless canvas can be filled with sticky notes. Plus, the ability to group, connect and share ideas makes fostering team creativity easier than ever.

present your best ideas

5. Present your best ideas

Being able to communicate your ideas with accuracy is as important as coming up with them in the first place. iMindMap 11’s Radial Map View is an aesthetic way of presenting a whole host of ideas, whilst keeping your core goals central and clear.

Plus, iMindMap 11’s Org. Chart View allows you to track your thinking processes, letting you show others exactly how you came to your innovative conclusion. That’s not to mention that iMindMap’s Presentation View functions as a high-tech tour of all your best thinking.

Not convinced? We challenge traditionalists, sceptics and notepad loyalists to download our full-feature, 7-day FREE trial of iMindMap 11. There’s no upfront card details or costs required, so what are you waiting for?

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