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Why creativity matters in marketing and how Mind Mapping can boost your marketing strategy

Mind Mapping - Marketing

We’re exposed to hundreds of media messages every day making it increasingly more difficult for marketeers to cut through the clutter. Those that have it will use money in an attempt to get a leg up on their competition. But, those that are most successful are the ones who use creativity to increase their exposure.

Creative marketing is the generation and execution of communicating unique messages in an inventive way. This allows a message to be remembered, leading to higher brand recognition and consequently, increased sales. Creativity is the secret weapon to outsmarting, rather than outspending, your competition. Read on to discover how you can become more creative with your marketing to make a lasting impact in the marketplace.

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How to overcome your creative block using Mind Mapping

Creativity using iMindMap 11 Mind Maps

Creative blocks can happen to us all, whatever field of work you’re in. When you feel you’ve hit that dreaded wall, it can be difficult to stay inspired and motivated to push through to the other side. Often you’ll find that taking a step back and having a break from your work is a great way to clear your head, so you can return to your project with a fresh mind. Some of the best ideas come from unexpected places and viewing your project from a new perspective can do wonders for your inspiration.

Adjust your mindset and re-think the way you approach your work with Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping is a form of visual thinking which allows you to explore a subject or idea using keywords, which trigger associations in the brain to spark further ideas. Visual thinking is known for the powerful way in which it can boost our memory, productivity and creativity. By using Mind Maps to view a subject in a different light, you’ll find you’ll begin to unearth some of those all-important light bulb moments.

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4 skills and qualities of an effective team leader

Light bulb

Leaders are required in all walks of life. While not everyone can become president, the impact of a good leader – even within smaller teams – is very real.

Handling a team of people is by no means an easy feat – a sign of a good manager is not only a high-performing team, but a happy team.

So, with managers of all kinds looking to lead their team to success, what qualities do you need to become an effective, and motivating business leader? Read on to find out how you can utilize approachability, communication and many other skills to become the best team leader in your workplace.

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Mind Maps vs. Concept Maps

Light bulb

Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping are two terms often confused with one another. Whilst they may appear very similar on the surface, these two tools are visually different and carry their own distinctive functions. The most appropriate map for your project will depend on how you intend to arrange your information and what you hope to achieve from creating it.

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How Mind Mapping can help you manage stress in the workplace

Mind Mapping for stress relief

Stress is something we’re all familiar with. While stress can affect many different areas of our lives, you’re probably most familiar with the effect that stress can have within your workplace and day to day working routine. Stress is something that can hit you at any time and isn’t always the bad thing we see it as. In small doses, a little bit of stress can do wonders for your ability to take on new challenges and give your productivity that extra boost. However, while experiencing some stress in the workplace is normal, excessive stress can have a severely detrimental effect on your mental health, causing you to feel overwhelmed, anxious and can even take a toll on your physical health. According to recent studies, stress amounts to nearly 40% of all work-related illness. Yet, even with stress affecting so many of us, many employees may feel reluctant to talk about it in work. But ultimately, dealing with stress when it occurs can help to improve our health and happiness in all areas of our lives.

Whether it’s your workload that’s causing you stress, or perhaps you’re struggling to come up with a good idea for your next project; Mind Maps are a great way to think outside the box and tackle your stress with a different approach.

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Starting a tech diet – how to use your devices for the better

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The phrase “tech diet” has been flying around a lot in recent weeks – it seems there is a growing appetite for people to find new ways to cut down on their device usage. Social media is a particular pain point for most people, with the average adult losing nearly two hours a day to social media. While it may be tempting to lock away your phone and unplug the broadband, the inevitable truth is technology is an ingrained part of our daily routine. What really matters isn’t the time you spend on your devices, but what you use that time for.

Few would argue that mindlessly scrolling through social media is in any way life-enriching. In fact, overusing social media leads to further addiction and can come paired with even more unpleasant side effects, such as low self-esteem and unhealthy sleeping patterns. The trick to taking a true tech diet is about evaluating when, why and how you use your devices. Once you’ve done that, you can effectively adjust your tech consumption to achieve a better, healthier relationship. Here’s how you can get started:

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What actually is Mind Mapping?

Mind Map

Often associated with a spider diagram, concept map or brainstorm, a Mind Map is a visual thinking tool. Mind Maps provide graphical representations of ideas, displaying them in a non-linear manner. With a distinct combination of colour, imagery and visual-spatial arrangement, Mind Mapping works in harmony with our cognitive functions. For instance, your memory, ability to learn, analyse, and even your creativity, can be enhanced with the practice of Mind Mapping. By mapping out your thoughts, the technique utilises keywords to trigger associations in the brain, sparking further ideas. Generally used to visualise, organise, and classify ideas, Mind Maps are the perfect tool for revision, finding creative solutions, problem-solving, writing and making decisions.

Mind Maps can be drawn by hand or using software such as iMindMap 11. Mind Maps have the capacity to expand your thinking far beyond the limitations of standard note-taking. By following these steps and incorporating Mind Map-specific elements, you’ll be able to boost your thinking, fueling your most powerful ideas yet.
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