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3 powerful tips to accomplish your goals next year

With Christmas done and dusted and a new year approaching, now is the time we start thinking about our aspirations for the year ahead. We may kick off the year with good intentions, but the majority of our New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten by February. iMindMap Ultimate will help you to leave bad habits in 2017 and ensure you enter 2018 with well-planned, powerful objectives to help boost your chances of success.

If you’re struggling with new ways to set and achieve effective goals, we’ve noted down our most powerful tips below, so you can hit the ground running this January.


Mind Map View

1) Seriously commit to your goals

Before you enter the new year, think of all the things that you’d like to achieve in a year’s time. Commit to your goals by creating a physical record in Mind Map View. Did you know that you’re more likely to achieve your goals when you record them? In your Mind Map, take advantage of the radiant branches, vibrant colours and meaningful images that can be added to emphasise your key points. Your Mind Map will create a visual, structured and memorable representation of your objectives, encouraging you to go on to achieve your goals.

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Keep on track of end-of-year work with iMindMap

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is nearly over. While we’re excited that a fresh new year is upon us, it’s important to keep ourselves motivated and productive right until the very end of the month. Now that we’re deep into December, it’s crucial to stay on top of your holiday marketing campaigns in order to hit those end of year sales and start the new year with a bang.

But with the distractions of Christmas and New Year all around, it can become too easy to let important work slip through the cracks. With iMindMap Ultimate, we’ve made it simple to map out your priorities for the end of the month, assess progress to date and look forward to the future with fresh ideas, ensuring that you welcome the new year with a fully-loaded schedule for 2018. Read on to discover our tips for staying on top of your work with iMindMap Ultimate.

Mind Map View
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This is how to start your week right

We’ve all used phrases such as ‘there’s not enough hours in the day’. The question is, are you using the time you’ve been granted wisely? Think about it, in just ten minutes it’s possible to become more creative and more productive. If you make slight changes to your early morning routine, we promise that in return you’ll be able to warm up your brain, raise your productivity levels and put yourself in the right mindset for a more fulfilling work week.

Below, we’ve noted down our non-daunting top tips for starting your week right with iMindMap Ultimate and creating a perfectly productive morning ritual in just ten minutes.


4 minutes: Get a head start on your tasks

While your tasks for the coming week are fresh in your mind, open Fast Capture View to quickly capture your initial thoughts. Don’t worry about formatting, that’s not what Fast Capture View is about. Quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas, leaving no stone unturned. While firing your thoughts onto the page, think about what resources you will need and who you should work with. Start up any early ideas you have with the help of self-organising, vibrant idea bubbles. This quick-fire round could be the most productive time of your day.

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Introducing iMindMap Kids, our new iPad app!

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our new Mind Mapping app for children, iMindMap Kids. Our new iPad app gives children the freedom to have fun while exploring their own ideas. iMindMap Kids encourages creative thinking and makes the world of Mind Mapping accessible and enjoyable for children at home, in school or wherever they may be.

Mind Maps are a fun way for your child to tap into their own creativity. They develop key skills for children such as literacy, recall and the ability to classify information. iMindMap Kids is their own visual thinking space that nurtures independent learning. Packed with exciting and easy-to-use features, our aim is to inspire the next generation of problem-solvers, storytellers and big thinkers.

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5 steps to create a winning product plan with Mind Maps

When you brainstorm your strategy for a new product, there are a lot of variables to consider before its launch. What’s your target market? Who are your competitors? How are you going to promote it? Covering all bases is no easy feat, but thinking and planning with iMindMap makes it simpler to comprehend.

With its radiating branches, a Mind Map will seamlessly guide you through each stage of your product plan. No stone will be left unturned thanks to the clear visual overview your Mind Map provides. Follow our 5 steps below with iMindMap’s Mind Map View, and go into your product launch with confidence.

Market Mind Map
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How to overcome planning challenges with iMindMap

Planning can be a tricky business. The world we live in is ever-changing, complex, fast-paced and original; it can be hard for us to keep up! From unexpected obstacles to mental blocks, there are many challenges for us to overcome when planning a project. One minute everything’s working out as predicted – the next, things begin to fall apart. Luckily, iMindMap’s on hand to help you plan with relative ease.

Progress with projects

Feeling overwhelmed and drawing a blank?

Planning can be complex. Incredibly complex, in fact. The intricacy of your own ideas combined with a million different planning possibilities could mean you suffer a mental block, unable to think or do anything even remotely related to planning because you’re just too overwhelmed to cope.

iMindMap allows you to take control once and for all. By making a Mind Map in Mind Map View, you are creating a clear structure for your ideas, making the planning process seem less daunting and more rewarding. In addition to this, Mind Maps have a radiant structure and place a lot of focus on images and keywords, encouraging associative thinking and sparking ideas. This means you’ll never feel stuck in the planning stages of your project; instead you’ll feel confident about progressing to the implementation stages armed with your plan.

Adapt your plan

Worried about making changes?

It’s hard to achieve your aims when the goalposts are forever moving, but that’s something to get used to if your plans are ever going to succeed. You need to be as adaptable as the world around you. You need to try to imagine every possibility that lies ahead of you in your project. You need to be able to predict the unpredictable. This is a tall order, but it’s achievable with the right mindset and tools.

iMindMap’s Mind Map View is more adaptable than linear lists, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or tweaking ideas. Mind Maps in Mind Map View give you the flexibility to add points you’ve missed to your plan and delete those that are no longer relevant at the click of a button. You can always come back and neatly rearrange your thoughts when external circumstances intervene, without messing up the overall layout.

Review your plan

Scared you’ll miss something?

Planning can sometimes leave you feeling drained. After all, you have to deal with the possibility of unforeseen problems within projects. However, it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind and review your plan so you don’t miss anything that could prove important in the implementation stages.

Mind Map View gives you a complete visual overview of your plan, allowing you to instantly spot any gaps and anticipate problems before they have the chance to occur. By taking a little time here to review your plan and predict future problems, you will save yourself hassle later down the line during the implementation stages.

Act on your plan

Falling behind schedule?

Sometimes, as hard as we may try to stay on track with our work, things like procrastination and a lack of clear direction can really slow a project down and negatively impact its overall success.

iMindMap’s Time Map View helps you keep your projects on track by allowing you to easily assemble and implement your ideas into actionable tasks. By creating an interactive timeline of important milestones, start dates and tasks, you can plan ahead of schedule and stay on top of your workload with ease.


What are you waiting for? Start planning with iMindMap today by downloading the FREE trial!

3 steps to end your week productively with iMindMap

It’s all too easy to let the end of the week pass you by. You’ve spent the week working hard to tick off multiple tasks and now, your productivity is at risk of nosediving. However, there’s still time to squeeze the most out of those last few hours and set yourself up for a successful coming week. Follow this 3 step ritual with Mind Mapping and iMindMap to ensure a productive Friday afternoon, meaning you can switch off properly this weekend.

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5 times iMindMap will be your note-taking hero

Note-taking is an everyday essential. Whether you are in a meeting or lecture, listening, making notes and digesting the information you’re being given can be a daunting prospect. Keeping pace with the speaker, then making sense of what you’ve taken down is a challenge faced by most. iMindMap Ultimate’s workspaces allow you to capture, retrieve, develop and action the key takeaways, boosting productivity by transforming quickfire notes into meaningful actions. Here’s how…


1) Spark associations with keywords

We would argue that the crux of note-taking is grounded in keywords. If you hear something that will be worthwhile remembering, make that your keyword. Often when hand writing notes, we try to take down every detail, meaning the most important facts become lost and meaningless. iMindMap’s views are keyword-centric, so type them down based on the information you are receiving. This is undoubtedly faster than writing, and means you can focus more on listening and digesting the words. Keywords spark associations in your brain, not only boosting your ability to recall information, but also triggering new ideas.

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How your Mind Map’s colours and images will boost memory and creativity

In today’s corporate world filled with monotone, text-heavy handouts, you may be forgiven for thinking that colourful Mind Maps have no place. How professional can a brightly coloured Mind Map be? You’re no longer in the classroom, after all.

However, as businesslike as black-and-white text can seem, it doesn’t strike a chord with most people. Ask anyone to memorise the contents of ten pages of text, and they’re unlikely to recall every key piece of information. So, how exactly do you grab and hold someone’s attention and make the facts really sink in? Here we turn to Mind Mapping. Mind Maps are, by their very nature, visual tools with very little focus on the written word. The rules behind the concept actually state that colour and images are the most important elements of Mind Maps, along with radiating curved branches and the use of keywords. Colourful Mind Maps have been proven to boost memory, enhance cognitive processes and spark creativity.

Read on to find out exactly how a Mind Map’s colours and images can be used in the office to inspire, motivate and engage you and your colleagues using iMindMap…

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Make your next business idea a success with an iMindMap PESTLE Analysis

As an entrepreneur, your brain is often overflowing with ideas for new ventures that you hope will bring further commercial success. But how can you know if your next service or product is viable? And is the current marketplace ready for it? Conduct a PESTLE Analysis using iMindMap to decide.

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