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iMindMap 8 for Mac to be released early 2015

iMindMap 8 is now available for Windows users – the Mac version is currently in alpha and is due to be released beginning of February 2015.

The exclusive iMindMap 8 launch offers are ending very soon, but if you are a Mac user, fear not because you can benefit from these offers if you purchase iMindMap 8 today.

We will send you an iMindMap 8 serial number and Windows download link, as well as an iMindMap 7 serial number and Mac download link so you can still enjoy using iMindMap on your Mac. Plus, you can give this iMindMap 7 serial number to a friend or colleague to use as soon as iMindMap 8 for Mac is available. (Just as a thank you for purchasing version 8 early).

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8 ways to use iMindMap at work

Integrating iMindMap software into your daily routine allows you to streamline your workload, save time and condense and organise vast quantities of information, all whilst boosting your productivity. Here are just eight ways that iMindMap can be utilised to help you get ahead at work.

1. Brainstorm

iMindMap 8 Brainstorm View

iMindMap’s Brainstorm View* provides you with a digital thinking space where you can capture ideas easily using coloured sticky-notes on the infinite cork-board canvas. You can let your ideas flow without having to worry about organisation or structure.

When you are ready to start sharing your ideas with the group, switch to Mind Map View and watch your ideas take on the structure of a Mind Map. From here you can organise and refine your ideas, so they are ready to share with your colleagues.

*Only available in iMindMap 8 Ultimate

2. Present

Present with iMindMap
iMindMap gives you the perfect platform to plan and deliver presentations with style and leave a lasting impact on your audience.
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7 ways to use iMindMap as a teacher

Teaching effectively centres around the ability to plan and deliver effective, engaging lessons throughout the entire school year. As a teacher, we know that time is often in short supply, and so here are seven ways in which iMindMap can help you find a little bit more of it, by improving your lesson planning, preparation and delivery.

1. Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning
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The countdown begins – here’s what’s new in iMindMap 8

It's nearly here - iMindMap 8
The release of iMindMap 8 is just around the corner and we’re thrilled to reveal the updates that make it the most powerful version of iMindMap yet. So what can you expect? Read on to find out – starting with the biggest of them all…

Brainstorm View – two tools in one*

iMindMap 8 is the only Mind Mapping software to feature an inbuilt brainstorming tool. Say goodbye to office walls covered in sticky notes – iMindMap 8 provides a digital alternative. Add sticky notes, images and mini-boards for grouping ideas on the interactive, unrestricted cork-board canvas and bring your ideas to life.

Brainstorm View
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iMindMap 8 feature spotlight: Brainstorming View

iMindMap 8 new Brainstorming View
Here at ThinkBuzan, we’re passionate about helping people harness their creative abilities – whether that be for work, education or personal purposes. That is why, in iMindMap 8 Ultimate, we’ve introduced a game-changing feature that will seriously get your creative juices flowing. It’s something completely different and unique to iMindMap: The new Brainstorming View.
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Guest post with Toby Fenn – Start up success with iMindMap

In this blog post, entrepreneur Toby Fenn tells ThinkBuzan how he used iMindMap to help plan, deliver and launch his company, Grad-Asia Ltd.

Grad Asia

How it all began

“After graduating in the UK back in 2010 and keen to secure a job, I sought frustratingly to align my interests and ability with a suitable career path. Limited by the domestic market, I widened my focus on potential avenues abroad, eventually deciding to pack up and relocate to Singapore. After a few weeks, I managed to secure a job in the finance industry, a Luxembourg based investment platform focused on business development across South East Asia.

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Guest post with Ruth Fawcett from Leeds Mencap – Fundraising & goal setting with iMindMap

iMindMap and Leeds Mencap
Ruth Fawcett, Head of Fundraising and PR at Leeds Mencap charity, shares her story with ThinkBuzan, about how she and her team use iMindMap and Mind Mapping for a whole host of tasks.

Who are Leeds Mencap?
Leeds Mencap is a small, independent charity that supports over 250 children and adults with learning disabilities, and their families and carers per week. We offer a range of activities and services including play schemes, parent and carer support, a dance group, residential homes and much, much more! We are regularly regarded as a life-life charity and receive many fantastic comments about our services. This is what one mother wrote recently;
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iMindMap as a task management tool for humanitarian agency, GOAL

GOAL logo
GOAL is an international humanitarian agency, dedicated to ensuring those living in severe poverty have access to the essential needs and rights in life. They are a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political organisation.
In this article, Vicki Aken, the agency’s Country Director for Syria, discusses how Mind Mapping and iMindMap have become essential for coordinating all of the operations for the many issues that the agency handle.
GOAL whiteboard
“In Syria, our work focuses on delivering food to more than 250,000 people per month; restoring water systems that provide clean water to more than 350,000 people, rebuilding markets through livelihood and cash and voucher programming, repairing shelters, and providing emergency distributions to people newly displaced by the conflict.”
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3 ways to use iMindMap to boost productivity in work

“Mind Mapping uses the brain in the way it was designed, saves time, improves results and is fun. How can any business person be without this powerful tool?”

Stephen C Lundin, author bestselling, FISH!

iMindMap Business

As we advance in our careers, we are expected to cope with increasing workloads and responsibility, yet we remain limited by the 24 hours that are allotted to us each day. To make your time count, you need to find a way to eliminate the stumbling blocks that confront you when trying to solve a problem, find the ability to say no to non-essential tasks that you simply do not have the time to do, and get your brain into top gear when it needs to be.

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Constructive performance reviewing with iMindMap

Mind Mapping for performance coachingHave you ever experienced a feeling of dread when an employee’s performance review is looming? You’re not alone. They are renowned for being time-consuming, one-way and unconstructive.
A performance review should be much more than just calling an employee out on their weaknesses. It should improve the communication between you and your employee, identify areas for further coaching, and put a road map in place so both your employee and your organisation can reach their goals.
Here, we will demonstrate how Mind Mapping and iMindMap can help you turn a performance review into a productive and rewarding exercise.
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