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Ayoa – The Fun and Visual Way to
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All-in-one productivity – work your way.

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Whether you’re working alone or with a team, holding a meeting or planning a project, you can now do it all in Ayoa.

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How to use whiteboards


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Mind maps

Brainstorming ideas for a project? Taking notes in a meeting? Visually map out your ideas to boost your organization and ability to think creatively.

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How to use mind maps



Inspired by the traditional Kanban board, this visual task board view lets you manage your projects and workflows in a simple, linear format.

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How to use workflow



Discover a more creative way to manage your work. With your tasks presented as colorful bubbles, canvas view makes it easy to visualize your tasks.

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How to use canvas


Gantt timeline

Working on a project with multiple milestones? Put your tasks into a clear and easily adaptable Gantt chart to stay on top of your changing priorities.

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How to use gantt



Ready to make every goal a reality? Present your aims and ideas in a visual pie-chart and stay motivated by seeing your priorities at a glance.

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CBS News

“The most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen”


“Visually-oriented people – this layout boosts productivity”


“Turns your tasks into an awesome venn diagram”


“A more intuitive way to manage workloads”

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Designed for diverse teams

Diverse teams lead to diverse ideas, which can propel your company forward – so you need a tool that enables different types of people to work together. Discover how Ayoa’s neuro-inclusive design helps everyone achieve their best work.

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