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Ayoa already comprises some really powerful features – we’re the world’s leading innovation tool – but there’s still lots more to come. Our super-talented development team are working hard to make Ayoa the best tool it can be.

Of course, we can’t predict the future and plans are subject to change – but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a heads-up on what’s to come and what to get excited for. This page will be updated as and when we make progress so keep your eyes peeled for changes and upcoming features.

Up next…

Ayoa Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Collaborative whiteboard improvements – We will be continuing to implement bug fixes and make on-going improvements to our brand new whiteboards feature, so you can have endless possibilities when it comes to brainstorming ideas, planning projects and analyzing your work.

Ayoa Whiteboards for iOS and Android

Whiteboards for mobile – Our all-in-one whiteboards will be coming soon to Android and iOS so you can update your projects and capture ideas on the go!

Present your Ayoa Whiteboards

Present whiteboards (Ultimate only) – Impress your team by presenting your whiteboard to your team virtually or in person with our slick presentation functionality. Draw frames around areas of interest on your whiteboard, then present these as slides in your presentation.


Translations – Ayoa is currently available in English, Korean, Japanese, French and Chinese (Simplified), and will soon be available in a number of additional languages including Brazilian Portuguese.

Coming soon…

Branch to task multiselect

Branch to Task Multi-select (Pro and Ultimate plans) – Got a bunch of branches you want to turn into tasks? With this new functionality, you’ll be able to multi-select your branches and turn them into tasks that you can drop straight into a Task Board.

Fast Capture

Fast Capture / Quick Idea Mode (Pro and Ultimate plans) – Instantly catch your thoughts as they strike, wherever you are and on any device.


Please note that feature descriptions, designs and release dates may be subject to change. New features may not be available on all plans.


Recently added…

See a more detailed breakdown by viewing our web release notes.

  • Collaborative whiteboard – Perfect for note-taking, project planning and everything in between, this new and improved online whiteboard will be sure to keep you and your team productive and creative whatever you’re working on.

    Added November 2020
  • Sketch – Unleash your inner artist with our new sketch tool. With the ability to draw freehand and add shapes and images to your sketches, you can be as creative as you want when customizing your task boards and mind maps in Ayoa.

    Added October 2020
  • Board chats – Create a group chat from the members of a task board or mind map with the click of a button.

    Added October 2020
  • Ayoa chat improvements – Need to look back on an old conversation? Ayoa chat’s new search bar allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for! You can now also easily drag and drop attachments from your desktop into a chat as well as drag and drop messages from your chats into a task board or mind map as a task or branch.

    Added October 2020
  • Present mind maps (Ultimate plan only) – Ready to wow your team with your ideas? Present your mind maps using this full-screen mode and reveal the branches of your map one-by-one. You can even choose which branches to present and in what order using the handy bookmarks tool.

    Added October 2020
  • Mind map – Brainstorm solo (Ultimate plan only) – Eliminate “groupthink” and let everyone’s individual ideas shine with this new functionality in Ayoa. See only your own ideas until you’re ready to collaborate with others. With no self-consciousness, everyone’s ideas will be original, unique and specific to them.

    Added October 2020
  • Zoom integration (Ultimate plan only) – Make virtual conversations more seamless than ever with this in-app Zoom integration.

    Added September 2020
  • Ayoa Video meeting (Ultimate plan only) – Host meetings directly within Ayoa with this built-in integration. End-to-end (E2E) encrypted, you can rest assured your meetings are always secure.

    Added September 2020
  • Simplified Chinese Translation – Ayoa is now available in Simplified Chinese!

    Added August 2020
  • User Status – Customize your status depending on whether you’re online, in a meeting, on lunch or anything in between! So teams can stay in the loop wherever they are.

    Added July 2020
  • User Groups (Ultimate plan only) – Create groups for individual teams or projects, making it easy to add multiple people to a Mind Map, Task Board, group chat, or mention in a comment e.g. @marketing.

    Added July 2020
  • Team Pulse Dashboard (Ultimate plan only) – Need a quick overview of what everyone’s working on today? This team dashboard will give a snapshot of what each team member is doing so you’re always kept in the loop. Particularly useful for remote teams!

    Added July 2020
  • Live Share (Ultimate plan only) – Not in the same room as your team? Present your Mind Maps and Task Boards virtually by sharing your board with others and taking control of what they can see.

    Added July 2020
  • New Home screen and Folders – Organize your Mind Maps and Task Boards into relevant folders (only seen by you) so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.

    Added June 2020
  • French Translation – Ayoa is now available in French!

    Added June 2020
  • Japanese Translation – Ayoa is now available in Japanese!

    Added May 2020
  • Korean Translation – Ayoa is now available in Korean!

    Added May 2020
  • Mind Map Image Exports – Export your Mind Maps to a JPEG or PNG image with our new exporting options.

    Added April 2020
  • Mind Map Word Doc Export – Export your Mind Map to a Microsoft Word document with this new export option.

    Added March 2020
  • Undo for Mind Maps – Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why we’ve introduced an undo button to Mind Maps – for complete flexibility.

    Added March 2020
  • Mind Map Background Colors – Choose from a range of backdrops to suit the style of your Mind Maps when you create and view them in Ayoa.

    Added March 2020
  • Public Mind Map Sharing – Discover the power of Mind Mapping with anyone from a team to a huge audience – whether you want to give unforgettable presentations or crowdsource ideas, the possibilities of this new feature really are limitless.

    Added February 2020
  • Radial Maps – Give your goals some structure by presenting them in pie-chart-style, Radial Map. Balance your priorities by adjusting the sizes of segments on your circular map to signify levels of importance.

    Added February 2020
  • Mind Map image manipulation – Fuel your imagination and make visually-appealing Mind Maps with the new image manipulation functionalities in Ayoa. Add emojis to branches and edit image size and alignment – for Mind Maps which really make your ideas “pop”.

    Added February 2020
  • Updated side panel – With new, easy-to-navigate tabs, finding what you’re looking for will be a piece of cake.

    Added January 2020
  • Chat Attachments – Easily send file attachments directly to friends and colleagues through Ayoa Chat.

    Added January 2020
  • Mind Mapping for Android – Got an Android device? You’ll be able to create and edit your Ayoa Mind Maps on-the-go via your Ayoa Android app.

    Added December 2019
  • Gantt Timeline View – An improved and more intuitive version of iMindMap 11’s Time Map View, Gantt Timeline View in Ayoa will enable powerful time and project management within Task Boards and My Planner.

    Added November 2019
  • More Central Idea stickers – Perfectly represent the central topic of your Mind Map with an extended selection of images to choose from.

    Added November 2019
  • Mind Map exports and printing – Export entire Mind Maps or specific branches as PDFs, and print with ease.

    Added October 2019
  • Traditional, Organic Mind Mapping – Calling all iMindMap users! This update will allow for the creation of organic, curved branches much associated with the traditional, hand-drawn Mind Map.

    Added October 2019

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